Monday Night Football: San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders

OAKLANDRAIDERCorrespondent IApril 28, 2009

There are exactly 139 days until the Oakland Raiders host the San Diego Chargers on prime time television in front of the whole world on September 14, 2009 on ESPN Monday Night Football.

In those 139 days, the Oakland Raiders will hold mini-camps, training camps, practices, go from Napa to Alameda, formulate there roster and depth charts, and will have four preseason games to prepare for the upcoming season.

The last time the Oakland Raiders won a opening regular season game was in 2002, under coach Bill Callahan when the Raiders defeated the Seattle Seahawks 31-17.

Since then for the last six seasons in a row, the Oakland Raiders have lost there opening regular season game, which in return has been a preview on how the rest of the season played out.

The importance of winning Week One needs to be the main focus of the 2009-2010 Oakland Raiders football team. This trend of losing needs to end September 14, 2009. The Raiders need to have a positive and good start, something the Raiders haven't had in a long time.

There will be no greater test for the Oakland Raiders then there divisional rivals, the San Diego Chargers who hold a current 11-game winning streak that dates back to Week 17 of the 2003-2004 regular season.

Monday Night Football, in which the world will get a peek into the black hole.

For one day out of 365 days of the year. Oakland, California will be in the limelight of ESPN. The whole world will be watching the Oakland Coliseum. Just thinking about the energy inside the stadium gives me goosebumps, on how exciting this game will be.

On stage will be our great fan-base the Raider Nation, ESPN will show the Bay Bridge, Downtown Oakland, Jack London Square, the history of the Raiders, ESPN will discuss the draft picks, Al Davis, etc.

Anything to do with Oakland, ESPN will cover.

This will be the Oakland Raiders time to shine, this will be our chance to prove to everyone that the culture has changed, that the Raiders have been making positive improvements to becoming the franchise that we once where.

Since 2003, the Oakland Raiders have been involved in seven Monday Night Football games in which they have lost all seven, with the hate that the media gives Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders, and the horrible showing on prime time games, it is all but true the perception of the Oakland Raiders is a joke franchise.

When September 14 comes around and it's time for the NFL Broadcasters to make their picks on who they think will win the game, Oakland or San Diego, I'm willing to bet that not a single one of them from any television network (FOX, CBS, ESPN, NFL NETWORK) will pick the host Oakland Raiders to win.

I, for one, feel that these broadcasters don't know what there fully talking about when they discuss Raiders football. They see the Raiders as a franchise they don't like, see there record, and just make statements in which they laugh and poke fun at us in the Raider Nation.

This has been going on for the last seven seasons for us Raiders fans here in Northern California and Raiders fans around the world, and like Obama it's time for a change.

People are quick to forget what it means to be an Oakland Raider, what it means to wear Sliver and Black.

September 14 will be our chance to prove everyone in the world wrong.

September 14 will be our chance to earn respect.

September 14 will be the day Oakland Raiders fans celebrate

This is a must win game for the Raiders franchise, there are only 139 days, the countdown begins.