NFL Draft Recap: The Biggest Questions From Draft Day 1

Daniel BrommerCorrespondent IApril 26, 2009

MIAMI - OCTOBER 04:  Defensive end Everette Brown #99 of the Florida State Seminoles celebrates after defending a pass in the fourth quarter against the Miami Hurricanes at Dolphin Stadium on October 4, 2008 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

The 2009 NFL Draft started with a huge bang! Matthew Stafford signs a six-year deal worth up to $78 million! With $40 million of that guaranteed. Are you kidding me?! How can these rookies be getting payed this much? Ultimately, that was a great pick by the Lions. A solid first choice and a great character guy.

Then the draft took some twists and turns.

The first surprise came at pick No. 3, the Kansas City Chiefs. To my surprise they selected Tyson Jackson out of LSU. Here's my question: Why say you want a pass rusher, then select the complete opposite? Especially when you have someone like Aaron Curry sitting there waiting to be drafted. Weird.

Then there was the Jets trading up to select Mark Sanchez. Without a doubt the best move of the whole day. A franchise quarterback, this guy is going to be the next broadway Joe. Write that down.

Now, the Oakland Raiders are notorious for making horrible draft picks, signing overpriced free agents, and to be blunt: having a terrible franchise. (sorry Raider fans) The Raiders select, Michael Crabtree. Yeah Right! They select Darius Heyward-Bey from Maryland. Unbelievable! Sure he's fast, he recorded the fastest time at the combine this year, but he doesn't run great routes, he's an average receiver. But the bottom line is that Michael Crabtree was just passed up!

Which brings me to No. 16 the San Diego Chargers. They drafted Larry English from Northern Illinois. A very puzzling pick in my mind considering the best linebacker in this entire draft was still waiting for his name to be called, and somehow it wasn't even called in the first round. I'll get to that in a little bit. English is a solid player, but he wasn't on my list of first-round caliber guys.

The Colts surprised me with picking Donald Brown, the running back out of UConn, I wasn't mad about the pick, I just figured they would want to get someone to replace Marvin Harrison. Personally I think they should have selected Hakeem Nicks.

The first round ended with Arizona taking Chris Wells. A great pick. The sleeper pick of the draft. Wells will be a great compliment to Hightower for the Cardinals. They didn't have a great running game last year, Wells is the big powerful back they needed to hopefully put them over the top.

Then there was the champions. The Steelers take Ziggy Hood. Although Hood is a proven player, is he first-round caliber? Absolutely not. They needed an offensive lineman, and they should have selected Eben Britton out of Arizona, but they probably know more than I do. I hope so anyway.

Now to my final point. Why in the world did Rey Maualuga and Everette Brown get drafted in the second round? In my opinion, these guys were the best at their positions in the entire draft class.

There is great arguments for this also, but Maualuga should have gone 16th to the Chargers, and Brown should have gone 21st to Cleveland. I think these two are going to be great pros for years to come. Both great character guys, both ferocious defenders. Only time will tell, but I honestly think that a number of teams made a huge mistake in not d