Oakland Raiders Post-Draft Wish List

Asher Mathews@@AsherMathewsContributor IApril 27, 2013

Oakland Raiders Post-Draft Wish List

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    Every year, many promising players fall out of the draft and immediately become free agents, and 2013 will be no exception.

    Immediately after the draft ends, general managers and their staff get on the phones trying to get agreements with the agents of priority undrafted free agents (UDFAs) to have their clients visit their team.

    Likewise the agents are calling up teams to arrange for their clients to have a spot in training camp of their favorite team.

    Here are some players the Raiders will likely target.

Tony Jefferson, FS, Oklahoma

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    Smaller than many teams would prefer at only 5'11" 213 lbs, Jefferson makes up for his size with some serious ball skills and, if picked up by Oakland, would have a good chance of making the squad.

    The Raiders have a need at free safety after the departure of former first-round pick Michael Huff in free agency.

    Jefferson lacks elite top end speed, but he has good awareness of the quarterback and receivers in his area and has enough physical presence to be able to make the jump to the NFL.

Josh Johnson, CB, Purdue

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    I liked Johnson a lot on tape and actually mocked him to the Raiders in the sixth round several times.

    Johnson can only really be a slot corner because his 5’9” height makes him unable to match up with the taller outside receivers.

    However, Johnson is a scrapper and a highly competitive player at cornerback. He times his jumps well, has the speed to stay on the opposing wide receiver and gets his arm around to break up passes.

Nathan Williams, DE/OLB, Ohio State

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    Williams has good burst and awareness, although he has a tendency to over pursue at times. He is coming off a knee injury that required micro-fracture surgery, so any camp visit would be to see if he checks out medically.

    If he does, and if he can regain his pre-injury form, he would have as good a chance as any UDFA to make the Raiders squad as a situational pass-rusher and as depth on the defensive line.

Keith Pough, LB, Howard

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    Pough is on the lean side but he's a quick linebacker who can play sideline to sideline.

    He had good numbers at Howard and was able to be very disruptive in the backfield.

    Pough will struggle on running plays as his lack of size doesn't allow him to hold up well at the point of attack, but he can rotate in for depth and can definitely contribute on special teams as well.

Tyler Bray, QB, Tennessee

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    There were some who thought the Raiders would target Bray in the third or fourth round because they did meet with the big-armed quarterback before the draft.

    Bray has a large arm, and the Raiders have only three QBs on their squad currently, so they can use another camp arm.

    If he panned out well, the Raiders could go with Bray as their third QB or put him on the practice squad.

Theo Goins, G, Central Florida

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    A former defensive end out of high school, Goins didn't really perform at the position in college.

    Instead, the Golden Knights moved him to the offensive line and he used his physical nature to be a strong force for UCF.

    Goins has the strong lower body that scouts want in an interior offensive linemanit allows the linemen to dig in and stop a rush.

    He's the type of prospect that GM Reggie McKenzie likesgood size and athletic. Despite his assets, Goins dropped in the draft because he's new to his position.

Da'Rick Rogers, WR, Tennessee Tech

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    Rogers, a large, physical receiver with good hands fell primarily because of character issues.

    The Raiders like their players to be physically gifted and Rogers is definitely that.

    As an UDFA, the Raiders can get a good sense of where his head is and if he can be mature enough to handle the pressures of the NFL.

    For Rogers, he can come to Oakland knowing that if he puts his best effort in, he could be a starter there quickly because the Raiders lack receiver depth.

Gilbert Pena, NT, Ole Miss

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    I had Pena as a possible pick for the Raiders in the seventh round because he fits a need and has good size at 6'2", 330 pounds.

    Instead, he looks likely to be a priority UDFA and may be a fit for the Raiders.

    Pena is a good run-stopper but lacks much in the way of pass rush.

    Still, he has a good build and guys his size aren't easy to find.

T.J. Moe, WR, Missouri

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    Moe lacks elite size and so will likely project as a slot receiver. However, he has very good hands, and he's a solid all-around player.

    Moe can provide good depth to the Raiders receiving squad.

    He reminds me a bit of Derek Hagan who wasn't a burner or overly strong or fasthe was simply able to get open and come down with any passes that were thrown his way.

Jake Knott, LB, Iowa St.

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    Knott is a former captain at Iowa St., and while he doesn't boast an amazing skill set, he's able to do a lot of things very well.

    He's a sideline-to-sideline player who has a good nose for the ball. He is willing to engage blockers in the hole and can make wrap-up tackles.

    He's coming off a shoulder injury, but if his shoulder can check out medically, Knott is a high-character individual who is also a leader in the locker room.