20 Little Kids Who Are More Athletic Than You

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20 Little Kids Who Are More Athletic Than You
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There was probably a time in your life when you believed you really could do anything. Like if you worked hard enough and wanted it bad enough, anything was possible. 

Then you grew up and realized that was just a lie adults feed most children to keep them from just giving up completely and dropping out of school after second grade to pursue a career as a child laborer. 

The truth is that there are approximately seven billion people on this planet of ours and the odds of you being the best at anything are almost nonexistent. With that many people, the odds that you would qualify as good, or even mediocre, at something aren't much better. 

That's obviously not a lesson we want to teach kids, but most of us figure it out for ourselves at some point and have long since come to terms with the fact that we'll never be the best at anything. However, realistically speaking, adults should be better at most things than kids. 

Seriously. We're bigger. We're more educated. We're not as easily spooked. We can go an entire day without crying or taking a nap. Unless the game is fitting into a confined space or asking an endless stream of inane questions, we should kick the collective butt of children everywhere. 

But that's just not how the game works. Not everyone is dealt the same hand. There are kids out there that accomplish more by 9 a.m. than some of us do in an entire day. And there are kids out there who were born with more God-given talent in their frail infant bodies than you could develop over a lifetime. 

That's life. And these are 20 kids who are already more athletic than you could ever hope to be. 

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