The 25 Most Arrogant Athletes on Twitter

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJanuary 28, 2013

The 25 Most Arrogant Athletes on Twitter

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    With everyone using social media to get their opinions and thoughts out to the public, there's a few times when you just wish you never hit that send button.

    And as we've seen with athletes, they need to be reminded of that sometimes too.

    While some guys say controversial things or dog an opponent, other players just seem to make themselves look a little bit too arrogant.

    So you'll probably want to avoid retweeting any of these athletes.

Brendon Ayanbadejo

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    Twitter: @brendon310

    It's one thing to talk trash on the field, but it's another when you take it online and blast it all over your Twitter.

    After seeing Ayanbadejo's thoughts on the Pats, we have a feeling he's not shy doing both.

Wayne Rooney

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    Twitter: @WayneRooney

    Rooney's one of the world's top-notch footballers, but he let his anger, passion—whatever you want to call it—take over when he actually challenged a fan to a fight.

    We'd prefer Rooney just let his play do the talking for him.

Rashard Mendenhall

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    Twitter: @R_Mendenhall

    We all now why Mendenhall makes our list.

    It's called being an American, and though we support the whole freedom-of-speech thing, the Steelers running back should have been a bit more sensitive before sharing his opinions.

Todd Herremans

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    Twitter: @toddherremans

    Though Herremans is a burly offensive lineman who landed on IR this past season, he makes our list for some of his choice words.

    He's a funny dude if you follow him, but he can rub fans the wrong way at times.

Paul Bissonnette

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    Twitter: @BizNasty2point0

    If you're a bro, "Biz Nasty" is absolutely your hero.

    Pics of him yakking it up with mega-hot chicks, boozing all night and making himself a polarizing figure in the night club scene are just some of the things he tweets out.

    Our of pure jealousy, Bissonnette makes the cut.

Brian Wilson

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    Twitter: @BrianWilson38

    Much like the aforementioned Bissonnette, Brian Wilson loves to show off all the fun he's having, whether he's in the dugout or out on the town.

    He might not make it all about him, but if you look at his account, it seems to be all about him.

James Harrison

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    Twitter: @jharrison9292

    If there's something James Harrison doesn't like about the NFL, don't expect him to keep it to himself.

    With rants about Commissioner Roger Goodell, calling out opposing teams or thoughts on visiting the White House after a Super Bowl win, his tell-all book might as well just be his Twitter account.

Quinton Jackson

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    Twitter: @Rampage4real

    We all know "Rampage" as someone who uses his intimidation as a major weapon before jumping onto the mat against an opponent.

    Sometimes those tweets can really get to an opponent, though.

Logan Morrison

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    Twitter: @LoMoMarlins

    We love "LoMo" because he doesn't beat around the bush when it comes to his limited Twitter characters.

    His tweets range from Googling naked chicks to making fun of Bryce Harper's age—kind of.

    Definitely amusing, but they might be a bit much for some.

Samir Nasri

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    Twitter: @SamNasri19

    Unless you're a Man City fan, Nasri's typically not someone you'd cheer on.

    As most soccer players are, he's brash and likes to flaunt his lifestyle, which is why fans cheered when his account got hacked and poked fun at him.

Anderson Silva

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    Twitter: @SpiderAnderson

    Most of Silva's tweets are in his native tongue, but much like Rampage Jackson, he uses the social media site to stir some controversy with opponents—we can't even link up to them, they're so bad.

    Looks like everyone in the UFC goes after Chael Sonnen!

Evgeni Malkin

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    Twitter: @malkin71_

    Malkin's a great young talent who, when paired up with Sidney Crosby, makes the Pens one of the most feared teams in the NHL.

    But his tweets seem to be childish at times.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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    Twitter: @FloydMayweather

    If you've ever heard Mayweather with a microphone in front of him, picture the same type of thing, but with zero filter.

    That's his Twitter account.

Stevie Johnson

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    Twitter: @StevieJohnson13

    We're big Stevie guys, thanks to his dramatics while a senior at UK, but it seems he's trying to become the next prima donna receiver thanks to his stunts on the field and his Twitter account.

    Who can forget about his overly dramatic blaming of God a couple years ago after he dropped a TD pass?

Brandon Phillips

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    Twitter: @DatDudeBP

    Phillips has always had a confidence and edge about him on the field.

    But when you take that self-regard and give him an open forum to say what's going on in his head?

    It can end ugly sometimes.

Alex Ovechkin

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    Twitter: @ovi8

    There are very few hockey players who party harder than Ovie.

    So when you mix that partying with outsized personality, you get some interesting tweets from him.

Joey Barton

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    Twitter: @Joey7Barton

    Barton is one bad dude.

    After his cheap shot against Man City last year earned him a 12-match ban, he went on a huge Twitter rant when he discovered the FA had extended it.

LeBron James

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    Twitter: @KingJames

    Though he's had his moments of likability, James gets added because he so hated to embrace the villain role after signing with the Heat—yet he continued to egg everyone on.

    He has his title now, so he's loosened up a little bit, but his arrogance still comes out pretty often.

Terrell Suggs

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    Twitter: @untouchablejay4

    Suggs has been known to tweet pics of himself absolutely crapping-on opposing teams and players, and is one of the biggest loudmouths in all of sports.

    How couldn't we put the former Defensive Player of the Year on here?

Will Hill

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    Twitter: Retired

    Sadly, the former Florida Gators star safety—and current New York Giant—has dropped his Twitter account, but when it was still active, it was one of the most amusing and controversial things out there.

Cristiano Ronaldo

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    Twitter: @Cristiano

    He's a polarizing figure in the world of sports who isn't shy about always making it about himself.

    CR7 has money, fame, success and a boatload of sexual conquests... and he'll make sure you know exactly how great his life is.

Chad Ochocinco

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    Twitter: @ochocinco

    Much like the other athletes who land in our top 5, Ochocinco—though currently unemployed—uses his account to do everything he can to promote himself.

    If there's such a thing as a serial tweeter out there, it'd be Chad.

Reggie Bush

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    Twitter: @reggie_bush

    Before Reggie even entered the league, it was pretty obvious this dude was about as flashy as they come.

    It shouldn't be a surprise then when he tweets remarks about how lavish his life is—even though us "normal" folks don't really give a damn.

Lance Armstrong

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    Twitter: @lancearmstrong

    For obvious reasons Lance makes it. 

    He may be banned from cycling and will probably never again compete in another endurance race again, but for his pure arrogance around the whole doping allegations for the past 10-plus years, he's the symbol of an ass.

Kobe Bryant

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    Twitter: @kobebryant

    Want to know why Kobe's No. 1?

    Because of his first tweet.

    He thought his absence from the site was so important to allow him to just tweet something so simple, reminding us of the way MJ announced his comeback from his first retirement with the words, "I'm Back."

    It was a hipster move by one of the greatest basketball players ever, who seemed to never think the site was cool, but was secretly waiting for the right time to make a splash when joining in.