LeBron James: The King Is Taking Names and Ready for Revenge

Benny VargasAnalyst IAugust 11, 2010

All U Can Heat

There is a saying that states one should always "let a sleeping dog lie," insinuating that you should not instigate trouble. Most of all, avoid waking up something that can potentially come back to bite you.

LeBron James has been woken up and has finally broken his silence.

For the last six weeks James has taken the high road. He allowed for any and everyone to call him out for his "Decision," all the while refusing to fire back at the critics.

Yesterday, James issued a potentially prophetic warning hinting at a desire for redemption and revenge. 

"Don't think for one min that I haven't been taking mental notes of everyone taking shots at me this summer. And I mean everyone!" James wrote in a 7:45 p.m. message on Twitter.

James didn't single out any one. He avoided saying whether his message was meant for the media, league coaches/executives, current players or former all stars. Instead he said everyone.

We've never truly seen an angry and motivated James. He's always been happy to just dance, play with baby powder, and work on his mime-photography. But now as Eminem once sang, everyone better prepare to "see a demon unleashed in" James "that you've never seen." 

This off season just heated up even more then it already had. It seems as though James isn't just letting things slide. Instead it's become apparent that James is assembling a list of those to whom he owes some retribution.

Make no mistake, people can say, "He couldn't win it on his own," or "He took the cowardly/easy way out." Still this is James (two-time MVP at 25 years of age), and he is physically gifted and talented enough to take the entire league out to the wood shed.

Nothing inspires an athlete as much as being driven for a title and questioned for your integrity and desire.

Despite this, people kept adding fuel to James' fire. Now it's time for the "Big Payback." It's too late to make amends. Now it's personal.

James has taken a Teddy Roosevelt-esque  stance. That of "speak softly but carry a big stick." By sending out that message he is declaring that come late October through June, it will be open season on all those that spoke out against him.

What makes this a scary proposition for everyone else is that James is now surrounded by a teammate and president who are fierce competitors already.

Pat Riley is going to have James frothing at the mouth once the season starts. No one, and I mean not a single individual in this league, can find a way to hype up a player the way Riley can. He will be delivering notes, historical quotes, and clips of his critics straight to James' locker, all the while reminding him of the mission he has embarked upon.

Dwyane Wade predominantly displays a laid back attitude in interviews. He has an inviting personality and smile which helps him in regards to marketing and other public relations stuff.

Don't let that fool you.

At his core Wade is an assassin. One who has already shown what he can do when he gets mad. When he says, "I ain't going out like this," and then proceeds to single handily dismantle a Dallas Mavericks franchise that was poised to take a three games to none lead in the NBA Finals.

The combination of an angry James and Wade is an intimidating prospect. They "might not know karate but they know ka-razy," and I feel bad for anyone on whom they set their aim.

Opening night figures to be the debut of something special. The Celtics managed to eliminate Dwyane and LeBron from this year's playoffs, but Boston better be ready, because Wade and James are going to unleash an entire summer's worth of accumulated fury on them come October 26.

That trend will continue for the duration of the regular season and only figures to be taken up a notch come playoff time. The best thing to do now is to run for cover. Fortunately for NBA fans that won't be an option for opposing teams.

You just don't go and purposely piss off a person capable of humiliating and humbling an entire franchise and city in the matter of 48 minutes. Yet that's exactly what Boston, Chicago and Orlando have done.

With so few select words, James has declared that he will not be forgetting or forgiving anything or one. Before the season is done everything in his path will feel "The King's" wrath.