New York Knicks' New Alternate Uniforms Take Orange to a Whole New Level

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New York Knicks' New Alternate Uniforms Take Orange to a Whole New Level
Image via Jonathan Gosper

There's orange, and then there's the New York Knicks' new alternate uniforms, which were recently unveiled.

Grab your sunglasses, folks—Knicks fan Jonathan Gosper tweeted out the brightest new jerseys in the NBA:

I'd wager that even the marketing director for Sunkist thinks these have gone a bit overboard. Meanwhile, Syracuse fans out there are suddenly feeling sentimental.

Orange you glad I didn't say these are freaking hideous?

I can't get behind these alternate uniforms, mostly because I can't stare directly at them for long enough to actually assess them. At least we know that if the Knicks players decide to wear them outside of the arena, they'll never be in danger crossing the busy streets of New York. 

For what it's worth, Craig Sager loves them.

If the Knicks wore these unis for Halloween, they could totally pull off the classic "Jean Grey Phoenix" look.

Speaking of Phoenix, the Suns are probably pretty jealous. I think I'll refer to the Knicks as the New York Solar Flares every time they wear these.

Seriously, these jerseys look like they've spent more time in a tanning bed than Snooki.

What do you think of the new orange unis?

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Anyway, I'm not sure if this is clear yet, but these bad boys are pretty appalling. Orange is a great color, but too much orange is never a good thing. It is best used responsibly and in moderation, much like hard alcohol or Metta World Peace. 

Alternate uniforms can be a lot of fun, but there is a dark side to the practice: namely, going too far to make a splash or do something new and hip. 

Anyway, these uniforms are too much for my tastes. Now if you'll excuse me, I have the strangest urge to go to the Orange Julius

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