NFL Week 2: Predicting What Jordy Nelson Will Do

Andrew Garda@andrew_gardaFeatured ColumnistSeptember 10, 2012

Compared to what we expected, Jordy Nelson's five catches for 64 yards was a bit underwhelming. That said, Nelson looked every bit as good as he did in 2011, so his average outing isn't all that much of a concern.

Sure, Randall Cobb was exceptional, and save for a pair of drops, so was James Jones. But neither will replace Nelson or fellow starter Greg Jennings this year.

With a loss to the Niners, the Packers will come out extra focused in Week 2, especially against a division rival like the Chicago Bears. And the game takes on a little extra meaning, as the Packers—both offense and defense—struggled and need to gain their momentum back.

The Bears are tough up front, but the secondary isn't facing a rookie quarterback. Even the best rookies (as Andrew Luck is touted as) aren't on par with the likes of Aaron Rodgers.

So there is opportunity to attack the secondary, and Nelson will be the guy to do it. 

Nelson will have much more luck against the likes of an undersized Tim Jennings. Nelson's speed and hands are more than a match for the secondary that the Bears field. And if the offensive line can keep Rodgers upright, Jordy Nelson should have a very productive day.

This Thursday, I expect to see him get about 100 yards receiving and a touchdown.

Week 1 was a speed bump for Nelson during what will be a very good season.

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