1. 'Coach' @JordyRNelson is still making a big contribution to the Packers, despite his ACL: https://t.co/t3QqIdguex https://t.co/vS6HCWOkXU

  2. Nelson's Injury Finally Catching Up to Packers

  3. Packers Officially Place Jordy on IR

  4. Jordy Surprises Fans During Fantasy Draft

  5. Nelson Thought He Was Fine After Injury

  6. Nice read from @WesHod on how 'Coach Jordy' is contributing to #Packers success despite season-ending injury https://t.co/lEFHsarswQ

  7. 'Coach' @JordyRNelson is still making a big contribution to the Packers, despite his ACL: https://t.co/xlVAQQksI2 https://t.co/j4HqzZ2QET

  8. Before #Packers locker room: 'Coach Jordy' makes big contribution (https://t.co/ut8rEYrhS5) Peyton Manning at 39 (https://t.co/IVbIQzw4F7)

  9. Nelson: 'I Honestly Thought There'd Be More Pain'

  10. Nelson 'Shocked' About Torn ACL, Hip Wasn't Factor

  11. Packers make it official: WR Jordy Nelson sustained a significant...knee injury in yesterday's game...will miss the remainder of the season.

  12. Broncos' explosive WR Demaryius Thomas shows what #Packers are lacking without Jordy Nelson. More from @ByRyanWood https://t.co/NXAj4F6oRh

  13. Packers really missed Jordy the last two weeks.

  14. The Jordy Nelson injury is starting to catch up to the Packers: https://t.co/KZud7gRLbr @PostSports @JeffDooleyPFF

  15. How Nelson Injury Could Change Packers Offense

  16. Packers Won't Be the Same Without Jordy Nelson

  17. McCarthy on Nelson: 'Hoping for Good News'

  18. Looked a little like that Jordy Nelson TD at the end of the first half against the Packers last year.

  19. Lions HC Jim Caldwell said the Packers offense hasn't changed much with Jordy Nelson out. Said Green Bay adjusts... https://t.co/mnFPkYx9bQ

  20. #Lions HC Jim Caldwell asked what's changed in the #Packers offense without Jordy Nelson. Caldwell just shakes his head, says not much.

  21. Packers WR Jordy Nelson has a knee injury. T.J. Lang is being evaluated for a concussion. #GBvsPIT

  22. Jordy in for a Bumpy Ride from Opponents

  23. Nelson Pledges Gift to Kansas State for Stadium

  24. Aaron Rodgers says he has nothing against Glover Quin, after QUin said God wanted Jordy Nelson to get hurt.

  25. Surprise appearance by WR Jordy Nelson at #Packers practice. Caught a few passes. No routes but the guy walks around like his ACL is fine.

  26. Terry Bradshaw on #Packers offensive woes: "Does this not make you wonder: Was Jordy Nelson really that important to this team?" Um, yep...

  27. Packers just don't look the same without Jordy Nelson to stretch the field. Another Green Bay punt coming.

  28. This #Packers offense is so different without Jordy Nelson. No one can stretch the field.

  29. Jordy Nelson Charity Softball Game will return on June 12. Tickets go on sale Nov. 18. https://t.co/XnK8DTvPXT https://t.co/C9vYLgwZwo

  30. Jordy Nelson Charity Softball Game will return on June 12. Tickets go on sale Nov. 18. https://t.co/785uEHRoel https://t.co/r7EjADkT7G

  31. Only WRs with more TDs than Marshall and Decker since 2010: Dez Bryant (56), Calvin Johnson (56) and Jordy Nelson (45) #nyj

  32. Bennett not blaming struggle on Jordy Nelson absence: We certainly can put up the points and the yards and the numbers that we have in past.

  33. On Sunday, Demaryius Thomas showed the #Packers exactly what they're missing without Jordy Nelson. https://t.co/gFxtISLzhu

  34. Demaryius Thomas, a one-man offense tonight, shows what #Packers miss without Jordy Nelson https://t.co/bR4qFJu96x https://t.co/NZNy2kOVXt

  35. For Jordy Nelson, it's faith first, then football: https://t.co/iQcsrrR6RM https://t.co/N8iByOryb9

  36. For Jordy Nelson, it's faith first, then football: https://t.co/2vCvor76ul https://t.co/65P1RtMiFu

  37. #Packers WR Jordy Nelson remains a big endorsement catch despite not playing this season, writes @RichRymanPG https://t.co/ITdP6CfaOq