15 Athletes Who Are More Trouble Than They're Worth

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15 Athletes Who Are More Trouble Than They're Worth
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One of the most rewarding elements of the fan experience is the sense of connection you feel with the team; with the players who help bring you the joy of victory and likewise share in the sorrow of defeat. The players not only create the narrative for each game, for each season, but give our favorite team it's character and our hated rivals a face and a name.

A team is made up of individuals; people with their own lives, beliefs and dreams. These are professionals, but it would be disingenuous to pretend that walking out onto a football field on Sunday, or skating out on the ice under dancing spotlights, is like punching a clock or sitting in a cubicle.  

While the vast majority of players are as workman-like as could be expected, there are a few who inevitably stand out...for good and bad. Some players are heavily involved in charities or other endeavors any parent would aspire for their children. Similarly, others tend to stray from the expectations of their team and sometimes the law itself.

This is simply a byproduct of being human.

However, the point at which the world of professional sports diverges from the reality you and I know is how much a team is willing to tolerate if a player can help them win. There are countless examples of players whose bad behavior is overlooked as long as they produce.

Once the points start to decline; when the 40 time starts to tick up...that's when bad behavior shifts from "disappointing" to "unacceptable."

These are 15 Athletes Who Are More Trouble Than They're Worth.

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