The Decade's Best NBA Uniform Changes

Peter Emerick@@peteremerickSenior Writer IIJuly 29, 2012

The Decade's Best NBA Uniform Changes

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    Changing uniforms happens quite often, but it's not that frequent that those changes equal an improvement to their team's franchise. Teams like the Toronto Raptors, Houston Rockets and Detroit Pistons have all made necessary changes to their uniforms that also upgraded their franchise value. 

    Ahead is a list of the best NBA uniform changes this century.

Detroit Pistons Realize How Cool Their Logo Can Be

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    The Detroit Pistons had some of the most blah uniforms in NBA history for the majority of their past. It was like the person who designed their uniform just didn't really try.

    That was until their uniform overhaul that added a fiery piston that spiced things up.

    Unfortunately, the Pistons decided to abandon their extremely awesome logo for the more mature look they currently have.

Denver Nuggets Say Hello to the 21st Century

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    The Denver Nuggets had one of the ugliest, yet coolest uniforms in NBA history with the somewhat pixelated logo of their cityscape.

    Sometimes things are better remembered than carried on though, and that's the case with the Nuggets and their retro wonders.

    Dropping the colorful cityscape was the right choice to make, as they went with a sleeker look without the pixelated city. 

Memphis Grizzlies Get Classy After Leaving Canada

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    The Vancouver Grizzlies were rocking some absolutely crazy jerseys back in the day. Moving to Memphis was a wise move for the team and it also brought about a necessary change to their uniforms.

    Gone are the days of "Big Country" Bryant Reeves and the ugly grizzly bear on the front of Grizzlies jerseys.

    While I do like the mint green look to their jerseys, the Grizzlies made an upgrade by going with a classier jersey. Who knows, maybe it will actually help them win an NBA title one day. 

Phildelphia 76ers Go All "Dark Knight" on Us with Black Uniforms

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    The Philadelphia 76ers dropped the stars and stripes and went with a gritty black uniform that helped them return to their glory days of reaching the NBA Finals.

    While the 76ers don't currently use this version of their jersey, changing to the black uniforms definitely was a major step in the right direction.

    It's just time to petition the 76ers to bring these black beauties back from the dead. 

Indiana Pacers Use Their Get-out-of-Jail Free Card

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    The Indiana Pacers didn't really change their jerseys all that much, but they got rid of the ugliest part—the silly vertical lines.

    While those retro jerseys bring back memories of Reggie Miller and Rik Smits, the newer jerseys are sleeker and they look quite a bit less cheesy.

    Moving to the non-prison uniforms was definitely the right move for the Pacers. 

Houston Rockets Send Their Rocket into Outer Space

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    Oh the good-old days for the Houston Rockets. Having a rocket ship on a their jerseys certainly set them apart, but it also held them back from working their way into the 21st century.

    Dropping the rocket ship was a step in the right direction for the Rockets, and it was one they certainly needed to make.

    The Rockets have updated their uniforms even more since making this change, but who knows, maybe a return of the rocket ship will be in their future. 

Cleveland Cavaliers Realize a Basketball and a Net Isn't a Cool Logo

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    For the longest time, the Cleveland Cavaliers had one of the silliest logos in all of basketball. They had a blue streak and a ball going into a net. Yea, not very original.

    Changing to a more grown-up looking jersey, with their "Big C" Cleveland logo on the front was a necessary move, because in all honesty, a Cavalier isn't the easiest name to work with when designing a jersey aimed at not being cheesy.

    At some point, the Cavaliers will need to finally figure out what a Cavalier is, but until then, their sleek jerseys will do. 

Toronto Raptors Replace Their Ugly Raptor Logo with Chris Bosh—Real Life Raptor

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    The Toronto Raptors are the proud owners of one of the cheesiest and goofiest jerseys in the history of the NBA.

    Looking back on those jerseys, they are pretty awesome. But when they were actually being used by the Raptors they were atrocious.

    The best part of dropping the comic looking Raptor from their jersey is that they replaced it with a raptor of their own for a while—Chris Bosh

Atlanta Hawks Let Their Hawk Fly Free and Grow Up a Bit

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    The Atlanta Hawks have changed their jerseys quite a bit over the history of their franchise, and while their jerseys aren't anything special right now, they are better than the ones they've had.

    For the longest time, the Hawks tried desperately to keep an actual hawk in their logo, but letting that go was the best move they could've made.

    Taking retro trips back to those good old "pac-man" and "hawk logo" jerseys are great, but staying in the past is perfect for the Hawks.