The Nation's Hottest Recruiting Area: The Top 10 Pro Athletes from PG County, MD

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The Nation's Hottest Recruiting Area: The Top 10 Pro Athletes from PG County, MD
Prince George's County, Maryland

If you’re not a resident of the state of Maryland or an avid follower of college basketball recruiting, you probably don’t know much about Prince George’s County.

It’s the county in which I was born and raised, and I have seen countless athletes from this county make the jump to the collegiate level and even the professional level. It seems that every time I watch a game or read an article, I find myself saying, “Wow, there’s another PG County guy.”

For example, there were 14 players from PG County in the NCAA Tournament last season. This isn’t a giant metropolitan city like New York or Los Angeles; Prince George’s County houses less than 900,000 individuals. Yet from 2006-2008, this county had more McDonald’s All-Americans than any STATE except for California.

ESPN finally recognized the basketball hotbed that is PG County in their ESPN the Magazine article.  

Basketball isn’t the only sport that is dominated by PG County. As you’ll see in the list, there are some notable NFL stars that have made it all the way from this little county in Maryland.

Side note: None of the players in this top 10 list went to the University of Maryland, which is located in PG County. It’s a subject for another article entirely, but can Maryland please start recruiting in their backyard?

Without further ado, here’s the list of top 10 current professional athletes from Prince George’s County, Maryland.

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