Image Men: Faces of the NFL, Part 2

Divya ParmarSenior Analyst IMarch 8, 2008

The retirement of Brett Favre got me thinking: Brett Favre was one of the faces of the NFL. After some thought,  I list some other faces of the league that is the NFL. The list is in reverse order. I ranked nine to six in Titans-Green_Bay_Packers-Atlanta_Falcons-Image_Men_Faces_of_the_NFL_Part_1-080308">Part 1. This is Part 2. 


The countdown continues from from five to one.

5. Eli Manning

Eli was always in his brother's shadow, but Eli emerged for himself after his Superbowl run. Eli has national endorsements for Eco-Drive watches and Oreos. Eli Manning is on top in New York, the biggest market in the US. If he continues to play well, his on-field fame and off-field marketability will make him a face of the league.

4. Adrian Peterson

Peterson exploded on the scene as a rookie, and finished second in the league in rushing yards. Peterson is a superstar, and got praise from everyone. He was the second most desired player in fantasy (behind Brady's 50 TDs). Peterson looks to be a consistent All-Pro for many years to come.

3. LaDainian Tomlinson

LT, as he's called, can do it all. Tomlinson can run, throw, and catch. LT has lightning speed and can break tackles. He is widely-accepted as the best running back in NFL and the most consistent fantasy football performer.

2. Tom Brady

Tom Terrific, Golden Boy, Cool Tom. Tom Brady gets all these nicknames for his great play, clutch moments, and smoothness with the women. Brady had the rings to prove his greatness, including epic Super Bowl drives. Now, Brady has the stats to back it up. 50 TDs, including 23 to Randy Moss.

1. Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning earned $10 million dollars in endorsements, including Sony, Gatorade, MasterCard, Sprint, and on and on. Peyton Manning always has great stats, including 49 TDs one season. The question was could he avoid "choking" in the playoffs. He proved that by winning a Super Bowl. He has hosted Saturday Night Live, and transcends sports. Even complete non-sports fans know who he is.