The 25 Best Sports Tumblrs

Jeff ChaseSenior Analyst IIApril 13, 2012

The 25 Best Sports Tumblrs

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    While I know all of you fulfill your need for sports news, media and such here at Bleacher Report, sometimes you just need more.

    That is OK, we understand your addiction.

    Well, a place where many have turned for some entertaining pieces of sports information is Tumblr, which is known for spreading things such as crazy videos, pictures and the ever so popular memes.

    Tumblr has plenty of pages like that dedicated to the sports you love, but here are 25 of the best pages to check out.


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25. Sportspage

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    Looking for that mixture of funny with reality?

    Yeah, that is what you will get at Sportspage's Tumblr page.

    This Tumblr is dedicated to finding candid photos, crazy videos and, occasionally, you get some actual information.

    A one-stop shop for most of your sports needs.

24. ILoveMySneakers

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    Whether you collect Jordans or love sporting different colors of Vans, shoes are a huge part of the sports world.

    At ILoveMySneakers, you will find a combination of all different types of shoes or something within the realm of the topic.

    If you are a sneakerhead, this is one Tumblr you don't want to miss.

23. ProductiveOuts

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    If you love baseball and memes that really make no sense, then we have a Tumblr for you.

    Over at ProductiveOuts, you will find, well, everything.

    This page mostly enjoys their memes, but they also run a podcast. They know what their real customers want, so there are pictures galore.

    Plenty to laugh at, which will keep you going for a few hours.

22. Got 'Em Coach

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    Love the NBA?

    Well, then you would likely love GotEmCoach, which is a compilation of many different things involving the NBA.

    Obviously, most are for your viewing pleasure, such as funny interviews, classic moments and even the occasional column on a current story surrounding the league.

    If you need a little extra NBA in your life, give it a look.

21. Nancy Grace Monster Jams

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    While I am not going to put the actual name of this Tumblr on here (it has a no-no word!), this page dedicated to HLN's Nancy Grace, featuring her head photo shopped onto athletes bodies as they dunk, is just ridiculous.

    Yeah—it is real.

    Unfortunately, the page hasn't been updated since September of last year.

    Nonetheless, the pictures will still bring laughs no matter how many times they are viewed.

20. Pitchers and Poets

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    Nothing better than mixing the old with the new, all while having fun.

    Over at Pitchers and Poets, that is exactly what you will get.

    This Tumblr has a smorgasbord of things to observe, but most notably they have a great mix of funny old and new baseball pictures.

    Basically, if you have a passion for the game, you will find a little bit of everything you want.

19. 2 Minute Drill

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    The only knock that 2 Minute Drill gets is that they haven't updated their page for over a month, but here's to hoping that they get things going once again when the 2012 season rolls around.

    This page features tidbits of information from around the NFL, mostly things that don't really matter.

    Still, you get your little bits of information that you need to have that little filler during those awkward moments of your sport conversations.

18. OmniGriffey

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    There is no doubt about it—we love Ken Griffey Jr.

    Not sure what it is about the former slugger, but you better believe it that there is a Tumblr dedicated to pasting Griffey's mug onto wherever he wants.

    At least, that is what the people over at OmniGriffey live by.

    You'd be surprised to see how many different places Griffey has been since retiring.

    Guy is active!

17. Hoop Dreams

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    Without a doubt, you are going to get your filling of basketball media over at Hoop Dreams.

    I mean, they have everything!

    Doppelgangers, classic pictures, funny videos and yes, even a picture of Kentucky Wildcats' Anthony Davis' uni-brow transforming into a hawk..

    Get over there! Plenty for you to see (well, actually, wait till you finish the article!).

16. SI Photos

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    I can't deny it, Sports Illustrated always has awesome pictures.

    They aren't your typical sport shots, but the things you will find at the SI Tumblr page are just fun to look at.

    They have everything from vintage, to shocking to just flat-out funny.

15. Flip Flop Fly Ballin'

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    There isn't a whole lot of differences between all the MLB Tumblrs, but the contributors over at Flip Flop Fly Ball have some of the funniest pictures around, as well as some classics.

    The site also mixes in a bunch of things from around the MLB, whether it be in-game pictures or what teams will be wearing this season.

    All in all, they will show you a good time.

14. Run of Play

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    Run of Play is a soccer Tumblr led by Brian Phillips, who is also a writer for Grantland.

    This blog covers a lot of things in the form of pictures and videos, but it also contains columns pertaining to today's game.

    There really is a good mix of everything here for your typical soccer fan—well, besides everyday soccer highlights.

13. NFL off-Season

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    You love the NFL?

    Yeah, that was a stupid question.

    Over at NFL Off-Season, you will find many different things to help you get by while the season is out—or in, even.

    The page provides up-to-date information regarding player and coach movement, NFL rulings and, of course, your need for gossip.

12. MMA Guru

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    MMA is taking the world by storm, so it should surprise nobody that there are a ton of dedicated pages to the growing sport.

    The one that stands out the most is MMA Guru, which is constantly updated with pictures, videos, breaking news and sorts of things that MMA fans need to fulfill their appetites.

11. National Post Sports

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    We love pictures, and the National Post seems to get that.

    On their Tumblr page, National Post Sports, you won't find all that much text. Everything is just huge high-resolution pictures.

    Sometimes, they are just fun, but most of the time they lead you back to a story about the picture.

10. MLB off-Season

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    Breaking news, funny pictures and just everything baseball.

    You will find it all here at MLB Off-Season, a Tumblr dedicated to the sport of baseball.

    With a background of baseball dirt, fans will feel right at home.

9. The Beauty of Sports

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    Epic pictures. Nothing is more appealing to the eyes.

    While The Beauty of Sports will bring you photos from championships and such, they mostly dedicate themselves to unbelievable stills from some of the more not-so-well-known sporting events.

    You may not know their names, but their pictures will definitely stick with you for quite some time.

8. The Tickr

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    Looking for compilation of sports photos and news?

    You will find it over at The Tickr, a site that boasts, "If you can't be a professional athlete, you might as well blog like one."

    Well, they set themselves up for big expectations, but they live up to it by constantly updating their page with entertaining sports news.

    They also give us plenty to laugh at as well as the occasional column.

7. Old Time Family Baseball

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    Bored between innings and need something to pass the time?

    Check out Old Time Family Baseball, a Tumblr dedicated to all things MLB 24/7.

    While many other Tumblrs continue to spread the same pictures going around the web, this page has things ranging from tweets to random photos from around the league.

6. Get Banged On

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    Posterizing dunks are without a doubt one of the most entertaining things to watch over and over, and yes, over again.

    Get Banged On continually updates their page with some of the biggest posterizing slams of the year, so yes, you will find plenty of Blake Griffin.

    If videos are your thing, I assure you that you will be satisfied.

5. LOL Jocks

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    While this page has been out of commission for a couple months, there is no doubt that you will get your bandwidth worth checking out the pictures over at LOL Jocks.

    There are so many funny pictures and memes, you will keep clicking through the pages.


4. NBA off-Season

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    With the NBA playoffs right around the corner, NBA Off-Season will be a hot spot for the next couple months.

    This Tumblr page is similar to the rest, i.e. photos and videos, but what is nice is that they update it a lot.

    It is pretty much up-to-date, posting things like the night's schedule.

3. NBA Doppelgangers

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    While one would think it is difficult to find doppelgangers for most of today's NBA stars, the team over at NBA Doppelgangers have not only succeeded, but went beyond our expectations.

    There is nothing stopping them either. It doesn't have to be just your typical Hollywood A-listers, as they have gone deep into the industry to dig up their look-a-likes.

    Not to mention, they update regularly. 

2. The Agony of Defeat

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    Nothing is worse than losing.

    Actually, check that: Nothing is worse than losing and having to continually relive that moment through pictures.

    Well, if you can take the pain of yesterday's loss, check out The Agony of Defeat, a Tumblr dedicated to pictures of the raw emotion caught after a disappointing situation.

    It may hurt, but in the end you will get over it. I promise.

1. Stadium Love

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    Nothing like being at the old ballgame—or basketball game, football game or whatever sporting event you are at.

    Stadium Love is dedicated to bringing us some of the best images from around the world of sports. 

    Look, I could post a picture of a TV since that is where we watch most of our sporting events, but nothing is truly as special as being there.

    For those of us who can't live that moment on Opening Day or in the playoffs, this Tumblr will bring you a point-of-view from fans just like you.

    They also have some nice artistic photos of stadiums, so if you are really into your arena, they have what you are looking for.



    Jeff Chase is a Featured Columnist for the Chicago Cubs and Arizona State football.