WWE Raw Results: Top 10 Moments from Last Night's Show

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterMarch 20, 2012

WWE Raw Results: Top 10 Moments from Last Night's Show

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    WWE Raw was a very good show last night. The nice build to WrestleMania continues and I am definitely starting to feel the "buzz." Of course, not everything went well for the Red Brand.

    Most of it was entertaining. Others segments did nothing for me. If I had to give Raw a grade, it would fall in the B range. With that being said, let's get to the top moments!

10. Tag Team Match

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    To begin, let me just say that Vickie Guerrero looked stunning last night!

    Onto the match, it was Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston and R-Truth. Of course, all four men are now on the Mania card in the battle for one General Manager.

    It was a standard tag match for the Red Brand and that is fine. All of the men are in a nice spot right now, and they entertained me.

    The winners were Dolph and Swagger, but they were not the real story.

    The real focus was on my "it" girl Aksana! Wow, who knew her and Vickie could put on such an intense brawl in the ring?

    I think Joey Styles should have been brought in for that one segment. . .

9. Hype

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    WWE will air a special one-hour program before Raw next week entitled "Once in a Lifetime."

    The documentary style show will focus on The Rock and John Cena leading into their huge match on April 1st. It will be interesting to see it lead right into Raw beginning immediately afterwards.

    Also, the company made a main event match for Smackdown this Friday night. It will be a tag team match (save the jokes).

    The Miz and Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk and Sheamus will headline the Blue Brand this week. I do find it interesting Chris Jericho is not in this match, but I like it!

    Major props to WWE for advertising these events in advance. Far too often are big matches or segments just thrown out there without any build.

8. Mania Time

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    Randy Orton cut a short promo on Kane. He sold his match at WrestleMania and it was perfect. Nothing more needed to be said from either man last night.

    Cody Rhodes caused Big Show to lose to Kane earlier in the evening. There was no Orton here, but the Intercontinental Championship feud was focused on here.

    Cody followed up with a nice attack on Show. Wearing the boxing gloves like Floyd Mayweather was clever, but I could have done without so many punches to the head.

    As for the divas, WWE aired the short clip of Maria Menounos from last week. It was just a friendly reminder that Mania will see Ms. Menounos and Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres.

7. Bryan vs. Ryder

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    Daniel Bryan defeated Zack Ryder in a short match.

    Bryan finally was made to look like a legitimate wrestler as World Champion. It took him awhile, but a clean win for a heel can do wonders once every few weeks.

    Ryder is back to being a mid-card comedy figure, so there isn't much left to say on him.

    I believe he will make it to Team Teddy, but it is going to take a lot more to make me care about him as a serious competitor again. Now, he is right back to where he was last year.

    Woo woo woo. . .you know it!

6. Sheamus vs. Miz

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    I have said it over and over, but it needs to be repeated.

    Sheamus just needs to keep winning. Nothing else really matters right now. Him and Bryan clearly aren't going to have a "real" feud at this point, so let each man win their matches before Mania.

    Last night was The Miz's turn to lose to Sheamus.

    Honestly, there wasn't much to this. Miz still wants a match at Mania and Sheamus is still going to be the next big star in this business.

    No harm, no foul.

5. Otunga Impresses

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    Anybody want to jump on the David Otunga bandwagon yet? Don't fall behind like everyone did last summer with Mark Henry! Maybe fans are still waiting on John Morrison. . .

    Oh well, David Otunga beat Santino Marella last night in a good match. It was short, but that was to be expected from these two.

    It furthered the feud between Long and Big Johnny, so that is what is most important here. The captains had a fun stare down, followed up by a nice exchange back and forth.

    Otunga wins, as he continues to impress.

4. Opening Segment

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    After last week, CM Punk had to begin Raw. He had to this week.

    Had to!

    Anything else would have been a major disappointment. He needed to come out angry and ready to tear Jericho apart! He did just that.

    It was perfectly done and his promo actually was very nice to hear. It may be true. It may not be. I don't care. It was entertaining and that is all that matters on television.

    Chris Jericho did make a taped appearance, and that is logical. He shouldn't want to be in the same building as Punk after last week. He knew better.

    The strong language got cut out (as it should have been), but the segment sold itself. Jericho is being a heel,and fans are rallying behind Punk as a face.

    Once again, the "KISS method" is all that needs to be said.

3. Lord Tensai

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    1. This was brilliant by WWE. Just like Sin Cara, Kharma and countless others, it is best to save big returns (or debuts) until right after WrestleMania.

    2. The video was well done. I am sure most know who the man in the video is. However, that won't stop many from "fantasy booking" scenarios just like January 2nd when it was clearly Jericho all along.

    3. I am not going to sit here and tell you how much I have always loved Lord Tensai. Others will surely do that and also likely be lying. It isn't much of a prediction as to who he is, but I still won't spoil it here.

    However, he was a good talent many years ago in WWE, especially in 2003. He did some nice work and has only been better since leaving WWE. That is great news. The man left the company, improved himself and will get another run in WWE. Others can learn from him. Second chances are great in life!

    4. My main issue with all of this is Twitter. I have long stated that I follow zero WWE or TNA talents on Twitter. Being a fan for over twenty years, you would think I would care to follow a select few. The reason why you ask?

    Lord Tensai denied the stories of his return to WWE on Twitter. Just like Jericho said he would be in Hawaii on January 2nd or how Kevin Nash wasn't coming to WWE with black hair. . .and so on and so on. . .

    I know they are "working," but none of what they say means a thing. Thus, I don't care to have my time line filled with it on a daily basis.

2. Rock and Cena

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    I don't like John Cena having a match this close to WrestleMania. The company has made it over 350 days without an injury to their top star. Risking it 13 days away from Mania is just not worth the gamble.

    That being said, Cena taking on Mark Henry went just as it should have. Henry looked like a million bucks for 90 percent of the match, but John picked up the big win.

    It is easy and logical. The heel dominates, yet the face gets the victory.

    Afterwards, The Rock came out and gave Henry a Rock Bottom just to "show off." This was a nice touch, as I don't think Rock and Cena should have any physical interactions yet.

    This was the right move here and both men handled it well.

    Earlier in the night, Rock cut his usual promo in Philadelphia. I have never been there, so I can't comment on this specifics mentioned.

    That being said, Rocky got the last laugh last night. With one week to go before their match, what will happen next Monday?

1. End of an Era

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    Undertaker is still amazing to watch.

    Shawn Michaels can still bring it.

    Triple H is still one of the best ever.

    All three men know how to sell a match. They know what they are doing in there. You won't see many complaints from me about these guys.

    I trust them out there.

    HBK tried to create some doubt as to what he will do as the special guest referee.

    Triple H hyped up the Heck on a Deck structure with their history inside the steel.

    Taker made it clear he will win the match.

    WWE left us with a great cliff hanger and next week should be even more impactful. It doesn't get any better than this folks. WrestleMania is only 12 days away. . .

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