NFL Round Two Preview: Don't Wimp Out!

Thomas H.Correspondent IJanuary 8, 2009

The issue with week two playoffs? The higher ranks WIMP OUT! It happens year after year; they come off a bye week thinking they'll breeze past the weaker team!

No, teams—you're stupid! The other low-seeded teams are here for a reason! Watch out for this deadly mistake.

The Baltimore Ravens take on the Tennessee Titans in the first playoff game in Nashville for years. Tennessee will look to cap off their great season with some playoff wins, but can Kerry Collins push his offense well enough against a monstrous defense led by Ray Lewis?

The running game won't get far next to the tough Ravens line. Kerry is going to need to start them off.

The Titans line will be impressive on their defensive side, but I see Flacco doing pretty well against Finnegan and his secondary. If he can beat the away-game pressure like he did last game in Miami, that is the only way for them. But, I don't see it.

Baltimore: 17         Tennessee: 24

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the San Diego Chargers match up against each other in a very interesting game. The Steelers have a very impressive defense, while San Diego has had a hot offense, so who can win the match up?

Phillip Rivers is going to need a lot of ground support from Sproles and Tomlinson, and I truly believe Tomlinson will step up. It will be a 50/50 offense.

Roethlisberger will lead this weaker Steeler offense up a rising Charger defense, one that proved itself well against MVP Peyton Manning. I like their chances of shutting the offense down!

San Diego: 20      Pittsburgh: 10

The New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles head into north Jersey for a NFC East match-up that could be a good picture at a Super Bowl team.

Eli Manning has been impressive ever since last year's playoffs. Manning has also had his earth-wind-and-fire running game on his back, helping him when he needs it—and he will need it in this one.

The Eagles have two players in their secondary who are Pro Bowl bound (including Asante Samuel). They are going to punish Eli, but might have some trouble with the running game.

Donavon McNabb has been playing better ever since his daughter was born and post-tie, "I-didn't-know-there-were-ties" situation. He is playing with ease, and he is just more relaxed. Don't look for Westbrook to have a big running day though; Justin Tuck and his line will man-handle him.

Still, Eagles come up on top. The Giants to me are wimps.

Philadelphia: 23    New York (G): 20

The Carolina Panthers and the Arizona Cardinals come together in a match-up I NEVER SAW COMING! I was amazed the Falcons didn't knock them off easily, but Kurt Warner surprised me with some deep balls. Remember though, he was at home! The Panthers defense isn't good, but he is going to feel the pressure!

Jake Delhomme along with Stewart, his fierce running back, will have an easy time against a defense that gives up 30 points or more a lot! They can do some damage, as long as they mix the running and passing game. If they do that, they will fly past this team.

Carolina: 35       Arizona: 27

Titans, Panthers, Eagles, Chargers are my picks!


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