Mathieu Perrault Video: Watch Capitals Forward Score Goal With His Tongue

Timothy RappFeatured ColumnistFebruary 23, 2012

You read that right—Mathieu Perrault scored that goal with his tongue. Well, at least with a deflection off his tongue.

At this point, the Washington Capitals will take goals any way they can get them.

Perrault described the goal for Stephen Whyno of the Washington Times:

“My tongue was out, so it bounced off my tongue and in the net,” Perreault said. “These things happen when you go to the net. Not the way you want to get goals, but he hit me in the face and it went in.”

In baseball, you're told to keep your eye on the ball. In football, they tell you to keep your head on a swivel.

I guess we can add "Keep your tongue pointed toward the goal" to the lexicon.

Sadly for Perrault and the Capitals, the team still lost the game 5-2, remaining a disappointing 10th in the Eastern Conference standings with 63 points. They're in danger of missing the playoffs this season, a shocking proposition for this team.

Unless they can find a more consistent means of scoring goals than relying on tongue deflections, that is.

For an expanded video with sound, check this out.

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