WWE Addiction: 20 More Ways to Know You're Addicted to Wrestling

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WWE Addiction: 20 More Ways to Know You're Addicted to Wrestling

Listen, to be honest, the fact that you're reading the words that I'm typing signifies you're probably addicted to wrestling. That assumption is based around some pretty obvious facts: You either knew exactly where to find this article, Googled "addicted to wrestling" or clicked on a link that was right after someone said "Hey, this reminds me of you"...

Being addicted to wrestling is a fantastic thing, and for the love of God don't let anyone tell you differently. You are a part of something special. A special group of people who are among the loyalest of any fanbase. You are a part of a universe.  A universe that wants nothing to do with all the haters that tell you your wrong, stupid or a loser for having a passion for something you love.

Some people like to watch Jersey Shore, watch Kardashians bicker about nothing, collect stamps, read books, play video games or invest in the stock market, and some like to watch wrestling. To each his own. 

With so much time invested in wrestling: four hours of weekly programming, numerous pay-per-views, articles, rumor sheets and countless years of archived footage to power through, it's inevitable that the wrestling universe will seep into your real world universe.

I you haven't caught the first part of this series you might want to look at it first. The first list contains the basic elements of pro wrestling addiction.

Now back by popular demand, or the fact that I have nothing else to write about, I know present to you 20 more ways to know you're addicted to wrestling! 

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