WWE Debate: 3 Reasons Why My Friend Hates CM Punk Fans

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WWE Debate: 3 Reasons Why My Friend Hates CM Punk Fans

Disclaimer: The writer of this article does not share the views and opinions of the below article. He is simply the messenger of a WWE fan and friend who wanted his feelings lamented upon. Here is word for word a quick conversation I had with the friend in question...

Friend (who shall remain nameless): I need you to do me a favor with your Bleacher Report status as a writer. I've been reading a lot of hate articles for John Cena on that site, and need you to set the record straight for all these bandwagon-jumping jabronies.

Me: (laughing) I don't know man. I've already written a couple of opinionated articles on CM Punk, and let me tell you...they aren't received well. I keep getting told I complain a lot, and should keep my opinions to myself. CM Punk pretty much equals Jesus Christ right about now. How about we talk about Zack Ryder instead? It's a safer play.

Friend: I'll pay next month's gas bill (roughly $25) if you do it.

Me: (without any hesitation of selling out)...Deal.

...And now for my sell-out article: three reasons why my friend hates CM Punk fans (makes the sign of the cross).

An excerpt from the poem "Falling Stars" by Rainer Maria Rilke:

"For there were countless numbers of stars: each time we looked above we were astounded by the swiftness of their daring play, while in our hearts we felt safe and secure watching these brilliant bodies disintegrate, knowing somehow we had survived their fall."

It is safe to presume that for every generation of wrestling fans each one will have their favorite "star" that will captivate them, move them and transcend everything in life, becoming bigger then reality. With every generation a star will eventually burn out, giving birth to a new generation.

In the beginning their was Bruno Sammartino, the original "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers and Superstar Billy Graham. A new era was issued in with Andre the Giant, the "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Bret Hart, Sean Michaels and the legendary Hulk Hogan. We all had a change in "Attitude" with the emergence of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, HHH and Chris Jericho...and now we find ourselves issuing in a new era with the emergence of CM Punk and the falling star of the old but virtuous John Cena...

Unlike the generations before us, there was never the turmoil the WWE has faced as of recently. The product had waned in the previous years and was in search of a "new hope." John Cena was no longer the golden child of fans, but had become the enemy.

It was CM Punk that the people wanted, needed, respected...loved. 

...It has summoned a great war between the two factions. Both loyal, steadfast and relentless. Where does your allegiance lie? 

This is the story of one man's allegiance, and his unadulterated hatred for CM Punk.

A quote from my friend:

"His time will come when he will reach the "Super" status, and everyone of his bandwagon-jumping cronies who go 'yeah man, fight the system' will turn their backs and leave...just like they left Cena."

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