WWE: Entering a New Renaissance Era in the Tag Team Division?

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIJanuary 5, 2012

Wow! That's a lot of teams! Image courtesy of www.ivewatchedit.com
Wow! That's a lot of teams! Image courtesy of www.ivewatchedit.com

The tag team division of WWE...

For decades it has been a pride and joy of the company, and the doorway through which legends entered the world.

We only have to think of such icons as Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels, and remember that before they were elevated to the heavens, they began their careers as part of great tag teams. On the other hand, who hasn't heard of Demolition or the Legion of Doom in 2012?

For years and years, we have had the privilege of watching superb duos clash in the center of the ring or atop a ladder. They have given their hearts and souls for the team, and often, the matches themselves outshone the main event of the evening.

What happened during the 2000s that led to such a dire saturation of the tag team division?

One might believe few could recapture the magic of the first TLC matches, and like many other places, it all became a game of who could become the ultimate singles superstars without the use of a partner.

In other words, people got greedy and selfish.

There isn't room for everyone at the top, and sadly, characters such as John Morrison, MVP, Kofi Kingston and others like them were forced to either settle for the mid-card, team up or depart altogether.

Some appear to be smarter than others. They used their brains and are now gaining their own reputations by becoming extremely talented tag team superstars.

The time for a complete renaissance of the division is upon us. Teams like Air Boom, Primo and Epico, and hopefully soon, Drew McIntyre and Sheamus, have given us hope and excitement again. 

What an excellent solution for all those guys who have no direction. What better way to use model-like divas than to have them valet the new teams, like the Sunnys and Litas of old?

There are so many who need direction. Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkins, Alex Riley, Joe Hennig and Ted DiBiase are just a handful of people that I, for one, would simply love to bring together somehow in hopes of them avoiding the exit door.

A very fun part of the tag team process is finding a common name, a certain look, matching attire, etc.

Air Boom did it, and it is great. Epico and Primo have a look too and a valet in Rosa Mendes—an excellent faction. Soon, we will have a match between them, and it is surely going to be an exciting 10 to 15 minutes filled with high-flying action.

The tag team championship went through a makeover a few years ago, and now so will the division.

There was a time when Survivor Series had a five-on-five team elimination match. That's a lot of people.

It was non-stop action from beginning to end, and when the dust settled, we witnessed the rise of one of the greatest teams in history, Demolition, who went on to hold titles for over 400 days.


I have a challenge for you, readers. Take a look at the current WWE roster and write down below in the comment box some teams you would like to see created, whether possible or pure fantasy. 

How's this for size: 

  • Rough Riders: Drew McIntyre and Sheamus
  • Lords of Pain: Wade Barrett and William Regal
  • Sons of Fortune or Fortunate Sons: Ted DiBiase and Joe Hennig

WWE '12 is a wonderful game that allows us the possibility of making such teams. There are so many others that can exist if only company officials put their minds to it.

There is still enormous work to be done, and like Rome, the division will not be rebuilt in one day. Everyone must work hard and remain patient.

However, anything can happen in the WWE, and this Featured Columnist will live to see the day the Survivor Series hosts another magnificent tag team elimination match.