5 Reasons the Washington Wizards Must Move Andray Blatche to Improve

Adam HartAnalyst IJanuary 5, 2012

5 Reasons the Washington Wizards Must Move Andray Blatche to Improve

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    The Washington Wizards are 0-6. 

    They're the only team in the NBA to not have won at least one game. This young team has failed to live up to anyone's expectation and is falling to an all-time low. 

    While there have been improvements since their opening-day loss to the Nets, the Wizards have yet to feel comfortable together. Many players are playing singularly. Instead of having the fluidity of teams like the Celtics and the Heat, they play as five different players, not one team.

    Yet, the Wizards will never reach the "one team" mark when there are players who are stuck in singularity. 

    In this article, I will analyze the reasons why Andray Blatche will not help the team, but rather keep it in its low state, why he should leave the team and who should replace him.


He Plays for Stats

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    To achieve the fluidity of a great team, every player must put the team in front of anything else.

    Even if the player is one point from a double-double or is about to break a record, if it means any harm to the well-being of the team, it is a malicious thing to pursue personal stats.

    Andray Blatche has been known for doing such things, most notably in a 2010 game against the New Jersey Nets, where he was one rebound away from a triple-double and went as far as to ask members of the opposing team to let him grab one rebound after a free throw.

    This problem coincides with being a ball hog and refusing to pass. 

He Is a Ball Hog

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    When playing basketball, hogging the ball is one of the worst things to do and one of the easiest ways to upset your teammates. 

    Andray Blatche has been known for attempting to drive hard towards the basket, through defenders, and failing miserably, while other open players await eagerly for the ball.

    Not only does this prevent the team from scoring as much, it creates bad chemistry between players. They start to get frustrated, then angry, and they don't play as well. The fluidity of the team is lost, and it is back to five guys throwing a ball toward a net.

    Another disadvantage to being a ball hog is that the other team marks the ball hog more. They know he won't pass the ball, so they shut him down by moving men around him. The ball hog soon becomes frustrated, and he plays worse and worse.

    Teams don't progress by hogging the ball.

He Has No Jumper

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    Another one of Andray Blatche's technical flaws is that he has no jumper. 

    After shooting .154 in the season opener and never rising above .500 without taking very few shots, it was apparent that Blatche needs incredible work on his FG percentage. 

    After receiving criticism about his needed improvement, Blatche responded by saying he has been working on his field-goal shooting, but that he's more useful under or near the rim. 

    The Wizards need a captain that can both drive hard to the basket and take jumpers from in front of or beyond the three-point line. 

Off-Court Misconduct

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    Why is there a picture of JaVale McGee?

    Last year, Andray Blatche supposedly got in a bar fight with McGee outside of a DC area club. They were then suspended for the next night's game against the San Antonio Spurs

    The behavior demonstrated by Blatche and McGee was downright irresponsible and put the team in a bad light. Not only does this create bad chemistry between players, but the team starts to fall apart. They don't play well together and play poorly out of anger and frustration. 

    No team who wants to progress needs players like that. They impede the progress fans and players most desperately desire. This Washington team cannot flourish and grow with leaders like Blatche. 

    Which brings us to our next point... 

Poor Influence

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    The Washington Wizards have one of the youngest rosters in the NBA. Four of the five starters are under 26, and the bench is almost all rookies and sophomores. 

    With John Wall, Nick Young and JaVale McGee all fitting into the starting lineup, they all need guidance in the art of creating a successful team—without a firm leader to conduct the orchestra of play. Wade does it for the Heat. Durant does it for the Thunder. 

    Several years ago, the Wizards were led by Gilbert Arenas. During those years, they were very successful in the East, once making it to the second round of the playoffs. While they did eventually lose to the Heat and would never make it any further, they still finished over .500 and made it to the playoffs.

    Without a strong leader, the Wizards will have a much tougher time making it back to the playoffs.

Possible Replacement: Andrea Bargnani

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    Team: Toronto Raptors

    Age: 26

    Position: C

    Andra Bargnani is possibly the best player to replace Andray Blatche, as both players are looking for a change of scenery. 

    Bargnani not only scores double what Blatche scores, he grabs just as many rebounds and has greatly improved his defensive abilities. Last year, Raptors fans watched time and time again as opposing ball-handlers breezed past Bargnani to score an easy layup.

    Since then, he has not only worked on his defensive skills, but he's picking up more blocks and rebounds than ever before.

    The only problem is, the Wizards will have to put more than Blatche on the table for this deal to go through. It almost seems that Blatche has gotten worse since his start for the Wizards and is declining ever so rapidly. The Wizards would have to give up at least Blatche, a first-round draft pick and most likely another player.

    Bargnani still has four years left on his contract, so the Wizards will have to come up with a really convincing deal to persuade the Raptors to trade him.  


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    The Wizards must move Andray Blatche to improve. If he continues his stay in the nation's capital, the now 0-6 team will have much difficulty making it to the playoffs, or even finishing over .500. 

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