Top 5 Possible Replacements for Indianapolis Colts Head Coaching Position

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Top 5 Possible Replacements for Indianapolis Colts Head Coaching Position
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I think it’s inevitable right now that Colts head coach Jim Caldwell will be relieved of his duties after Sunday’s game in Jacksonville. There’s no reason to keep him around anymore.

Caldwell has totally lost this team and shown us that he doesn’t really know much about football. I grew tired of seeing him stand emotionless on the sidelines while this team was struggling.

This team needs someone that’s more hands on and can coach. Caldwell didn’t do either. I never once saw him give guidance to the players about what they’re doing wrong and how to fix it. In fact even when the Colts were winning he never did that. You’d always see Peyton Manning studying what’s going on and trying to fix it, but never once did I see Caldwell coach anyone.

Now, this season without Manning, his lack of football intelligence has shown. The Colts salvaged a horrible start to the season and won the last two games, but that had nothing to do with Caldwell

Let's state the facts here. The Colts are 26-21 in the three years under Jim Caldwell in the regular season. They’re only 2-2 in the playoffs to make a combined 28-23 record in his tenure.

Since, the Super Bowl losing season in 2009, the Colts are 12-20 including a Wild Card round home loss to the New York Jets last season in the playoffs.

I base coaches' success off of if your team is getting better two years after you took over the coaching duties. The first Super Bowl season wasn’t due to Caldwell’s coaching tactics, but from previous coach Tony Dungy’s.

The next year is when Caldwell’s schemes take over. He made some highly questionable calls last season and we should have seen it then, but we gave him a free pass due to the previous season's Super Bowl. The team went a disappointing 10-6 and was, as stated earlier, ousted by the Jets in the playoffs.

This season the team started off a franchise worst 0-13. He should have been fired then, but lately the team is looking, as they should have all season. I just don’t think a non-motivator and lack of intelligence coach is someone I’d keep around with the team going 3-13 at best.

Compare that to Tony Dungy’s 85-27 career regular-season record and 7-6 career playoff record, and Caldwell has almost lost as many games in two seasons as Dungy did in seven. This team is based off the same principles and basically the same core players.

How do you have this big of letdown in just two seasons with arguably some of the best players to ever put on a Colts uniform?

The answer is coaching.

It’s time to get rid of Caldwell after this week’s game in Jacksonville win or lose, and hire one of these five candidates.

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