1. Blitz! Wade Phillips has Broncos blitzing more this year http://t.co/4q3EQ3br12

  2. On GW play, Wade Phillips brought overload 5-man rush. D-Ware dropped right; TJ Ward-Brandon Marshall blitzed left. http://t.co/lU4voYdGun

  3. Jason Garrett - only ex-player to coach #Cowboys - took over from Wade Phillips mid-season and made some of same changes Dan Campbell vowing

  4. dude, Wade Phillips! Bruce Arians! And Todd Bowles helped himself a little, too. https://t.co/2KGZVIzhfX

  5. What we learned yesterday about Wade Phillips http://t.co/XbW2iJQzOf http://t.co/covg6fewvN

  6. Animated Sideline Wade Phillips is awesome. #Broncos still lead this thing after Vikings missed FG 3-0

  7. Wade Phillips gonna see early if Teddy and that makeshift Vikings line can handle the blitz

  8. #Broncos Wade Phillips Takes A Jab At Jerry Jones - After practice today, Broncos defensive coordinator Wad... http://t.co/FnPR6RdGXE

  9. Wade Phillips: Peterson in 'Hall of Fame class' http://t.co/942xRB3Jeu

  10. Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips praises Adrian Peterson, plans to be physical with him http://t.co/vetq0ayIkF

  11. Wade Phillips: "Man, how about that @DeMarcusWare huh?"

  12. Broncos major offseason adds were not FA players but defensive coaches: Wade Phillips, Bill Kollar, Joe Woods, Reggie Herring, Fred Pagac.

  13. Broncos' 10 takeaways are 1 more than Wade Phillips had in his last season with the Texans.

  14. *Remembers that Wade Phillips is coaching that suffocating Broncos defense* *Cries loudly into a pillow*

  15. Wade Phillips: I'm a great defensive coordinator

  16. Remember when the Redskins passed on Wade Phillips as DC in the winter because they wanted a younger guy?#Broncos

  17. Some say @Lions QB Matthew Stafford is off to a rough start. #Broncos DC Wade Phillips sees something different http://t.co/YK63w10bFG

  18. Wade Phillips on Matthew Stafford's injury status. "He's from that Jim Kelly mode. If he can play he's gonna play." http://t.co/xnb5xFEmZ5