1. Wade Phillips 1st comment is always about an opposing player from Texas. Didn't today, came back in & said, "Amendola is from the Woodlands"

  2. Animated Sideline Wade Phillips is awesome. #Broncos still lead this thing after Vikings missed FG 3-0

  3. What we learned yesterday about Wade Phillips http://t.co/XbW2iJQzOf http://t.co/covg6fewvN

  4. On GW play, Wade Phillips brought overload 5-man rush. D-Ware dropped right; TJ Ward-Brandon Marshall blitzed left. http://t.co/lU4voYdGun

  5. Gary Kubiak on @sonofbum: He's ton a tremendous job. We have a lot of confidence in that side of the ball right now. @Broncos

  6. Blitz! Wade Phillips has Broncos blitzing more this year http://t.co/4q3EQ3br12

  7. I didn't know this: Wade Phillips says 5 pass rushers is a dog; six is a blitz http://t.co/4q3EQ3br12 via @9News

  8. #Broncos Best Offseason Acquisition? Wade Phillips - The Denver Broncos went through a lot of changes this ... http://t.co/asbnzyTgs5

  9. Wade Phillips has transformed the #Broncos defense from a good to a great defense in 2015. http://t.co/6AKCEGJQiU http://t.co/LI1wTbesf0

  10. Broncos defense under @sonofbum continues to be NFL's best. Denver winning DESPITE Peyton Manning.

  11. #Broncos DC Wade Phillips earning Employee of the Month parking. https://t.co/3Jm4aOSbQX

  12. Keeping his Texas Reference streak alive #Broncos DC Wade Phillips starts off by mentioning McCowns Texas roots. http://t.co/QurMfkNTRE

  13. And this is why talking to Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is like a ride through a football almanac,... http://t.co/DpDVTX0PZi

  14. Meanwhile in Cleveland... Wade Phillips' defense continues to dominate for the Broncos. Can we have him back?

  15. Wade Phillips has not blitzed much. That one there from Josh McCown’s blindside shows why he may start again. #Browns #Broncos

  16. Can't have both safeties letting the tight end get behind them in the end zone. There'll be some words from @sonofbum on that TD.

  17. #Packers @AaronRodgers12 has 11 TD, 0 INT in 5 career games against a team where #Broncos DC @sonofbum was HC or DC.

  18. WADE PHILLIPS HAS NO CHILL https://t.co/JKGA57Bn8h https://t.co/cr4HR0h6z8

  19. #Broncos DC @sonofbum on #Colts changing OC: "Chud will call plays different than Pep, but it would be hard to change a whole lot."

  20. #Broncos DC @sonofbum on why he likes Twitter -- a lot -- https://t.co/LXEXGYqL4v

  21. Broncos doing the Texans no favors today. Revenge for @sonofbum ?

  22. ICYMI -- #Broncos DC @sonofbum says some of the defense's penalties this season "unacceptable'' -- https://t.co/ITHngQ8aps

  23. #Broncos DC @sonofbum said last week post-play penalties on D were "unacceptable'' and he's still peeved about it -- https://t.co/EylZMGKjmu

  24. Wade Phillips will be watching this film of Marcus Cannon really closely, methinks. Cannon barely slowing Jerry Hughes down.

  25. Tom Landry: 250-162 Jimmy Johnson: 44-36 Jason Garrett: 44-38 Barry Switzer: 40-24 Wade Phillips: 34-22 Bill Parcells: 34-30

  26. Wade Phillips believes defensive bad penalties are done https://t.co/jucboWBtLT via @9News #9news #9sports

  27. DC Wade Phillips LIVE now on @BroncosTV : https://t.co/nClB6R7xWM https://t.co/bj3ErnUHnX

  28. Laufenberg: A major difference between 2015 Cowboys, 2010 group that saw Wade Phillips fired https://t.co/8FnwiJEyIS https://t.co/XqYqjouYYO

  29. Laufenberg: A major difference between 2015 Cowboys and 2010 group that saw Wade Phillips fired https://t.co/sJFNNWDNDG

  30. Wade Phillips, Tom Brady, Todd Gurley among NFL midseason award winners https://t.co/ppM3Y5NzHW by @CameronWolfe

  31. Wade Phillips the @sonofbum among #NFL must-follows on @TwitterSports https://t.co/DI21DRPoSv @arniestapleton https://t.co/JstCGaGdOd

  32. A year ago, Wade Phillips barely could get a ticket to see Dallas play at AT&T Stadium. And now... https://t.co/4ZZMCd02LQ (by @woodypaige)

  33. Wade Phillips meant no harm with chicken-parm jab at Packers https://t.co/9mbYKUIN7K

  34. SB Nation says Wade Phillips didn't do anything special scheme wise against the Green Bay Packers. He just... https://t.co/LbukKAxv3v

  35. Wade Phillips meant no harm in dig against Green Bay: https://t.co/fsKsEb7Ue9 #Broncos https://t.co/DIunoKmtZS

  36. Wade Phillips on his twitter handle @sonofbum: "A lot of people call me S.O.B., but that's a little different thing. I think it fits."

  37. Wade Phillips on his chicken parm tweet that irked Packers fans: "I never mentioned the Packers anyway. All I said was cheese."