Jacksonville Jaguars vs. San Diego Chargers: How the Jags Can Pull off an Upset

Geoffrey MortonCorrespondent IIDecember 3, 2011

CLEVELAND, OH - NOVEMBER 20:  Quarterback Blaine Gabbert #11 of the Jacksonville Jaguars warms up before their game against the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Browns Stadium on November 20, 2011 in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)
Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

Maybe it's wrong to call a Jags win an 'upset' considering how much the Chargers have collapsed this season. But they are still not a team to be taken lightly and the Jaguars haven't exactly had a stellar season either.

There are several ways Jacksonville still may be able to shock the Chargers on Monday Night Football.

Give the ball to MJD

While this should already be the Jaguars' offensive scheme for every game, it is especially important against San Diego. While the Chargers are ninth in the league in yards allowed against the pass, they are 25th in yards allowed against the run.

Maurice Jones-Drew is easily a top five back in the NFL, and he should have a field day against the Chargers. Blaine Gabbert can't be relied on yet to lead long drives for the Jags, but luckily MJD can move the chains and put points on the board for Jacksonville.

Put pressure on Philip Rivers

Against the Raiders a few weeks ago, the Chargers could not get anything done on offense due to constant pressure put on Philip Rivers. San Diego couldn't get into a rhythm in the passing game, and Ryan Matthews wasn't able to consistently gain yards on the ground.

The Jaguars have several talented pass rushers such as Daryl Smith and Matt Roth, meaning attacking Rivers and getting him frustrated with the offense shouldn't be too much of a problem. And when Rivers is mad at his offense, everything starts to fall apart.

Watch Mike Tolbert

Tolbert is basically the centerpiece of San Diego's offense. He can run the ball effectively, but can also catch out of the backfield. This season he has 132 touches for 710 all-purpose yards. He is arguably more effective than Ryan Matthews and could be dangerous if the Jaguars don't keep a close eye on him. They should watch out whenever he is in the backfield.


All in all, the Jags have a pretty good shot at beating the Chargers considering San Diego's collapse and how the Jaguars' strengths match up with the Chargers' weaknesses. However, it is no small task. The Jags will have to be on their game on Monday night.