Time To Really Say Goodbye to the New York Jets

Richard Marsh@RichardMarshSenior Analyst IDecember 22, 2008

I have spent almost the entire morning, it's is still morning in Vegas, responding and commenting on all these Jets articles this morning. I will share these with all of you know and give you an honest opinion from a Jets fan who was there in the beginning with season tickets to Shea. Take a peek at these comments.

There's a Reason Jets Rhymes with Mets -

My thoughts exactly while I watched the ending of that game. I have said for so many years growing up in New York that all of us who root for the Mets do the same with the Jets and those who root for the "evil empire" are the same fans that are Giants nation. The reasoning is simple enough. The Giants and the Yankees were here many years before the Mets and the Jets were born. Generations later those households raised on the Yankees and Giants were brain washed, while those of us who suffer yearly with the Mets and Jets are the only loyal and true fans of New York teams. We take the good with the bad. We don't jump off and on the bandwagon and we are eternal optimists. Our roots are the Brooklyn Dodgers who already said "wait till next year" and never gave up hope.

Maybe the Jets don't make the playoffs this year but they have had a great turn around season and I wouldn't be surprised if we crushed Miami next week, but that will only open the door for the Patriots and I'm not sure who I'd rather see representing the AFC east. As for the Mets, I agree they will win 100 games next year and the Phillies won't win 85. So there you have it.

Let's go Jets, Lets go Mets.

Same Old New York Jets in Seattle in 13-3 Loss to Seahawks -

Absolutely right on. How can this team be so Jekyll and Hyde. Such promise a month ago, while in Miami the guy who couldn't throw long, we all said so, is firing long and often for the Dolphins. It's become a long and bitter season once again. Frankly I would rather be out of it in October so I can root for the Eagles in the NFC because you know just how much I like the Giants. But wait, Phila is just like New York when it comes to the NFL. They too had destiny in their own hands and because of poor coaching and poor decisions, they too find a way to excite their fans every year only to let them down. What a crappy weekend.


AFC East Comes Down to the Final Week - 

I would definitely rather see Miami win the division and Chad gets his rightful revenge then see the Patriots get in again. The only good thing to out of the AFC this year is Matt Cassel coming into his own and if the Jets were smart at all he would be their number 1 mission and priority for 2009/2010.


New York Jets Look Awful in Seattle -

It's not going to happen. First the Pats won't lose an important game like this under Belichek. It just won't happen. Plus the Jet's who have shown absolutely nothing since Tennessee will most probably lose in this seasons finale. What a miserable way to spend a Sunday afternoon. It was nothing less than despicable.


New York Jets Lifeless in Seattle, Is the Season Over?-


I love the eternal optimism but if you really believe after watching the Pats the last 8 years do you really think they will lose to Buffalo? I don't think so. Matt Cassell has more than proved himself to be a top 5 quarterback in this league. The Jets need to acquire him in the off season. Goodbye Brett, it's really time to call it quits for good. If you had any miracles in that arm of yours yesterday in front of your old coach was the chance to prove it. You didn't get the job done. Go back to Mississippi and make more blue jeans commercials where you certainly have no problem avoiding the rush.

Here's the real problem, short and sweet. The Jets need to make a coaching change. I don't care they need to get rid of. The choice is Mangini or Schottenheimer or both. This offense is lackluster at best and the play calling has no imagination whatsoever and if you don't think that opposing coaches didn't watch the films of the Pats and Titan games you've got to be kidding me. This team made little or no adjustments during the game. The fact that Leon Washington had 3 touches all day shows just how this offense is being handled. Washington is the prototype to Brian Westbrook who touches the ball almost 50% of the time when the Eagles decide to use him correctly.

This situation has got to change before next season. A 10 - 6 or even 9 - 7 is certainly a vast improvement from 4 - 12 but consider the opponents. 0 - 3 in the West Coast games speaks volumes. The team lacks passion and that starts with the coaches. For all his passion, Brett Favre is done. It is time to leave the game with the legacy he has surely earned. But to continue, is going to become even more of a detriment to the Jets then he is right now. If he leaves his legacy remains in tack because of the teams improved record. Go now Brett and thanks for the short end of career memories. Look at the picture. If you continue to play you'll be seeing a lot more of them in 2009.