UFC 139 Results: 5 Things We Learned About Cung Le

Jeffrey McKinneyContributor IIINovember 21, 2011

UFC 139 Results: 5 Things We Learned About Cung Le

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    Cung Le's return to MMA at UFC 139 was not a successful one as he lost to Wanderlei Silva in a total knockout. 

    Although Le nearly won the fight in the first round, Silva looked like he once did in Pride, and finished Le with knees and punches. 

    Despite the loss, Le proved that he could still put on a good show even near age 40. 

    Here are the other things we learned about Le. 

Le May Have the Most Devastating and Unique Kicks in MMA

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    While many strikers in MMA depend on their hands to set up other moves, Le depends on his kicks.

    Not only does Le kick hard, he comes at fighters with different types of kicks.

    Whether it’s spinning, front, or wheel kicks, Le is one of the most diverse and devastating kickers in MMA history. 

Even at Age 39 He Can Still Go

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    Despite the loss, Le proved that even at age 39, he can still bring a good fight.

    While most fighters start to go downhill after about age 35, Le proved that he still has a lot of fight left and could even be successful. 

    Although he still has some things to work on, Le should not be counted out in the future. 

He Can Be One Dimensional at TImes

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    While Le can have devastating kicks, they can also be his downfall.

    Once Silva was able to get on the inside, Le’s kicks became useless.

    Le does have some good stand up and wrestling ability, but because he depends so much on his kicking, it takes away from his all-around game

Le Needs to Work on Cardio

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    Le clearly had the first round of the fight won. 

    But just like his fights in the past, he slowed down as the fight went on. 

    With the way Le fights its easy to see why he exerts so much energy early on in a fight. 

    If Le wants to be successful from here on out, he will have to up his cardio.

    Had Le not gassed, he could have easily won the fight.  

He Still Has a Lot to Learn

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    Although it could be argued that the fight was stopped too early, Le was in danger regardless.

    Le is a great kicker and one of the most unique strikers in MMA history.

    That being said, once you get in his face, he’s not that hard to stop.

    Le needs to work on being more diverse in other areas of fighting.

    He's a decent wrestler and could open his game up more if he uses it. 

    Another one of Le’s problems is because of the way he throws his strikes, he leaves himself open. 

    If he protects himself more, he would have no issue with strikers like Silva. 

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