Miami Dolphins: Taking a Closer Look at Their 3-Game Win Streak

Jonathan Andrade@@J_Andrade_Contributor IIINovember 21, 2011

Miami Dolphins: Taking a Closer Look at Their 3-Game Win Streak

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    The Miami Dolphin fans haven't had much to cheer about this season. That is, until the "Andrew Luck Lottery" contenders finally started contending on the field and stringing together some wins.

    Now that the Fins have put together a three-game win streak, some Miami fans have started talking future successes for their young Dolphin squad.

    Before these fans start getting excited and expecting more from their 3-7 team, they must take a second to look back and process what really has happened over these past three weeks.

Week 9: First Win's Always the Hardest

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    After losing seven straight games, it almost seemed the fans were almost ready to give up on their team's hopes this year and brace themselves for another long winter as a Dolphins fan.

    The locker room had its squabbles while running back Reggie Bush put it best when he said his team stunk.

    Just before all hope was lost, the schedule called for a trip to Kansas City.

    The Chiefs at the time were a game over .500 and coming off a close win against the San Diego Chargers. Although they too started with their struggles, they had a four-game win streak and looked to extend their streak against a struggling Dolphins team.

    Although the Dolphins were able to put a 31-3 beating on the Chiefs for their first win of the season, it shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone.

    While the Chiefs were able to put together a few wins, they were not a team that was bound for the playoffs. Wins against the lowly Indianapolis Colts and Minnesota Vikings and another against a Chargers team that was on its way to an inevitable downward spiral were some victories that few could call impressive wins.

    Yes, the Dolphins beat a team that looked to have turned its season around, but if the Chiefs' schedule was less favorable for them, it wouldn't have been hard to believe that they too could have been in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

Week 10: More of the Same Thing

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    Finally, the Dolphins were able tally a W in the win column but still had a long season to go and redeem themselves from the previous seven weeks.

    A home game against the Washington Redskins was just what the Fins needed in Week 10.

    After a strong start to the season by the Redskins, the Washington fans were disappointed by a losing streak of their own. Losses to the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles, Carolina Panthers and Buffalo Bills were enough to put the Redskins in the Dolphins' crosshairs.

    A team that had only put up 20-plus points three times up until its matchup with the Fins was no match at Sun Life Stadium, as the Redskins only managed a measly nine points.

    Yet another win for the Dolphins against yet another lowly squad.

Week 11: Buffalo Bill Blues

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    Coming off tough losses to both the New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys, the Buffalo Bills limped their way into Miami and took on the proud owners of a two-game win streak.

    After only putting up a combined 18 points in their previous three games, the Bills' offense wasn't expected to do much against the Fins, and they didn't disappoint. The Bills out gained the Miami offense but fell victim to two interceptions and dropped to .500.

    The other side of the ball didn't do much of anything as the defense allowed the Dolphins to put 28 points on the board before halftime.

    Much to Buffalo's chagrin, its defense ranked in the bottom third of yards allowed in both pass defense and rush defense.

    After allowing Dolphin quarterback Matt Moore to throw for three touchdowns and 160 yards, the Dolphin fans finally got that glimpse of hope that maybe their team was maturing and ready to do big things in the near future.

Week 12: Roads Ahead Are Bumpy

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    Next up for the Dolphins lies a Dallas Cowboys team that has found a way to move the ball through the air.

    So far the inconsistent arsenal of the Cowboys offense has made the fans uneasy coming into each and every week, but the fact they have put up huge numbers throughout the year should have them getting solid nights of rest until their matchup against the Dolphins.

    Up to this point in the season, the Dolphin defense has struggled to slow the passing game of its better opponents. Games against the New England Patriots and Houston Texans have left the Dolphin defense ranked 25th in the NFL in pass defense.

    Through 11 weeks the Fins pass defense has given up more than 200 yards a game. If the Dolphins can't figure out how to stop the pass against a team that is averaging nearly 280 pass yards a game, the Dolphins streak will come crashing down.

    Granted, if the Dolphins can also find a way to put their new-found offense to work on the Cowboys' respected defense, a Texas shootout is likely to ensue.

    Whether or not its streak can stay alive, the road ahead is not easy for Miami. Games against the Patriots, Jets and even the Philadelphia Eagles can put them right back into its usual winter funk.