WWE '12 News: A Guide to the 5 New Features

Daniel Massey@EPWWEfan1Senior Analyst IIINovember 20, 2011

WWE '12 News: A Guide to the 5 New Features

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    WWE ’12 is the next video game instalment from THQ, and many WWE fans are excited about the reported new features.

    WWE ’12 has been promoted as “Bigger, Badder, Better” in reference to the WWE SmackDown vs. Raw series that seemed to lose its luster toward the end of what many would consider to be a successful run.

    It is supposed to be a re-imagining of what wrestling games should look, sound and feel like to a player and/or fan.

    I am here to take you through each feature to see what really is coming on Tuesday and to give you a better idea of what THQ are offering this year.

Create an Arena Mode

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    This is the mode I am most looking forward to.

    The much anticipated Create an Arena mode is coming to WWE ’12!

    This allows the player to recreate famous arenas of the past in meticulous detail. I look forward to stealing the best ones from Community Creations!

    You just have to watch the video to see the detail you can go into.

    It seems they have included many of the old logos for the aged fans of WWE!

    The Rock vs. Foley at Royal Rumble 1998?—Doesn’t look like it will be a problem!

    You can even change what the electrical board says around the arena!

Road to WrestleMania

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    The Road to WrestleMania mode has been given an overhaul to make it a tighter storyline.

    This Road to WrestleMania features an 18 month story in which you control three characters.

    A villain (already pre-determined to be Sheamus), an outsider (already pre-determined to be Triple H) and a hero who you choose yourself.

    By not giving five storylines three months each, Road to WrestleMania is set to be a more extensive experience than ever before.

Dynamic WWE Television Presentation

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    The camera work has been overhauled to allow for a more television feel.

    They have the WWE watermark with the WWE HD sign in the top left hand corner, making it look like a normal episode of WWE programming.

    The camera angles change dynamically just like they do in real life, capturing the moves you are executing to perfection, immersing the player into the action.

    Every camera angle has been copied from the real thing making the game all the more realistic without losing playability.

    I wonder how annoying this will be, if at all...

WWE Universe 2.0

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    The WWE Universe mode that bombed last year is back in WWE ‘12. This time, however, the developers contend that it is a much different experience. They claim that it is a more varied mode that includes a lot of improvements over last year’s attempt.

    Mystery opponents are one of these additions. What that brings to the game I have no idea but I guess they thought it was important enough to include.

    Momentum systems as you win or lose will impact attributes of every wrestler. This momentum can result in losing streaks popularised by Sheamus and Daniel Bryan. It could also start a winning streak that John Cena could only dream of. It’s up to you.

    Creating your own show is not as good as it sounds in my opinion. You are free to create FCW or Nitro if you want, but it must replace Raw or SmackDown in the calendar which is a bit cheeky if you ask me. Nevertheless, if you wish WCW to be the centre of your Universe, that shouldn’t be too hard.

    The Universe cutscenes from last year were a bit repetitive after the first week. WWE ’12 claims to have changed all this, spreading out the random interferences throughout the year to give a fresher feel to each cutscene.

    User interference is also included this year. This gives the player the opportunity to interfere in matches and determine the outcome by dragging their friend over the top of the downed wrestler in the ring for the pin.

    Possibly the biggest addition to the Universe mode is the WWE Draft. THQ listened to what the fans wanted and included the draft in what looks like its entirety.

    Matches determine which show wins draft picks etc. So for those looking for their Universe to be shaken up, it can now be done randomly by the computer.

    No longer do you have to swap characters yourself for a bit of variety. The draft is arguably still a big event in the WWE and now it is here in WWE ‘12.

Predator Technology

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    This year, WWE ’12 is pumping all its energy into the new “Predator Technology,” which allows the animations of the wrestlers and the gameplay, to be a much smoother experience.

    Because of this technology, the character models have been improved, though looking on the THQ blog, I have to say I think the SVR 2011 models look better. These ones have weird eyes...

    The ring ropes that stayed still last year now react to every move you do in the ring whether it be a suplex or an elbow, those ropes will shake! This is a small change but a welcome one as it adds to the dynamic presentation of this year’s game.

    The animations are a lot better this year though due to this technology, as moves flow seamlessly, avoiding the warp issue that has plagued the former series for years. It is the finishing moves that will apparently highlight what a difference a year makes as both characters will now set up the move realistically, adding to the authenticity of the whole game.

    Limb targeting also features now allowing the player to focus on one extremity to wear their opponent down, giving them trouble later on in the match when they are hobbling round the ring.

    The wake-up taunt is how this will be achieved, as it provokes a small cut scene showing the offensive wrestler setting up his finishing manoeuvre, stalking the other character realistically as he wakes up dazed to find himself on the end of a Stunner or an RKO. This allows for a more tactical approach to the gameplay, giving the player more control.

    If you are more of a submission specialist then the new Predator Technology has you covered there as well—with a new Breaking Point system. It isn’t technically new though as button mashing has been around for decades.

    The final addition to the game brought by Predator Technology is the comeback moment. Only available once in a match, it can be used when one is on the verge of losing and it seamlessly shifts momentum from one wrestler to another.

    With a lot of new features brought about by this new technology, one has to assume the series is going in a completely different direction to its predecessors.

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