Fantasy Football: NFL Week 10 Running Back Recap

Ed GrayContributor INovember 15, 2011

LANDOVER, MD - NOVEMBER 6: Frank Gore #21 of the San Francisco 49ers carries the ball against the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field on November 6, 2011 in Landover, Maryland. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

No Darren McFadden, no problem for the Oakland Raiders last week, as Michael Bush gained 242 yards from scrimmage to vault the Silver and Black into first place.

Elsewhere, DeMarco Murray continued his rookie sensation season and Chris Johnson may have begun to salvage what has been a disappointing campaign.

Here is a recap for all the Week 10 running backs.

Michael Bush OAK 30 Att 157 Yds 1 TD 3 Rec 85 Yds Bush is making the most of his opportunity to be Oakland's featured back.
DeMarco Murray DAL 20 Att 135 Yds 1 TD 6 Rec 36 Yds Buffalo could just not stop Murray all game.  He could have had another touchdown too if Dallas hadn't benched him after 20 attempts.
Chris Johnson TEN 27 Att 130 Yds 1 TD 4 Rec 44 Yds Finally a game for Johnson owners that justifies drafting him in the first round.  Tennessee won't always be up against a soft defense like Carolina.
Steven Jackson STL 27 Att 128 Yds 0 TD 3 Rec 23 Yds A decent day for St. Louis' only reliable fantasy option.
Maurice Jones-Drew JAC 25 Att 114 Yds 1 TD 3 Rec 23 Yds You really have to wonder if the Colts aren't playing for last place, so it's not surprising Jones-Drew had a big game.
Fred Jackson BUF 13 Att 114 Yds 0 TD 4 Rec 1 Yds A costly fumble and no touchdowns was unsettling for Jackson's fantasy owners.  Sean Lee's return to the Cowboys didn't help after sustaining a wrist injury.
Marshawn Lynch SEA 32 Att 109 Yds 1 TD 5 Rec 58 Yds One of the NFL's worst offenses simply dominated one of its best defenses.  We knew never to trust Baltimore's offense but who would have thought they would have been this bad?
Lance Ball DEN 30 Att 96 Yds 0 TD 0 Rec 0 Yds I wouldn't get too excited about Ball just yet; Denver obviously saw an opportunity to rest Willis McGahee against the awful Chiefs.  Still, with Moreno out and McGahee dinged, Ball may continue to see some opportunities.
Michael Turner ATL 22 Att 96 Yds 0 TD 1 Rec 10 Yds Turner was kept out of the end zone but still ran for a decent amount of yards.
Chris Ogbonnaya CLE 19 Att 90 Yds 0 TD 2 Rec 19 Yds With Peyton Hillis and Montario Hardesty out, Ogbonnaya may be a great pickup from the waiver wire—if he's still there.
Arian Foster HOU 17 Att 84 Yds 1 TD 4 Rec 85 Yds Foster only needed 21 touches touches to total 169 yards and twp touchdowns.
LeSean McCoy PHI 14 Att 81 Yds 1 TD 3 Rec 12 Yds Philadelphia's passing-game woes may turn into fantasy gold for McCoy owners, not that he isn't already.
Matt Forte CHI 18 Att 64 Yds 1 TD 1 Rec 3 Yds Chicago's offense didn't really need to try too hard against the Lions' hapless defense; it's nice to finally see him score.
James Starks GB 13 Att 63 Yds 0 TD 3 Rec 11 Yds Once again, Green Bay players not named Starks combined for a total of six touchdowns.
Ben Tate HOU 13 Att 63 Yds 1 TD 0 Rec 0 Yds Foster was so effective against Tampa Bay that Houston could rest Tate too.  Matt Schaub's untimely exit may be a boost to both Foster and Tate's fantasy production, but like always we'll have to wait and see.
Beanie Wells ARI 23 Att 62 Yds 0 TD 0 Rec 0 Yds Wells was alright in the Cardinals' romp over the Eagles.  Skelton was effective enough throwing against Philidelphia's vaunted pass defense that Wells didn't have to run that often.
Jackie Battle KC 9 Att 61 Yds 0 TD 0 Rec 0 Yds Battle continues to disappoint fantasy owners in dire-enough straights to start Kansas City's top running back.
Shonn Greene NYJ 13 Att 61 Yds 0 TD 2 Rec 14 Yds Not the best matchup against New England's horrible pass defense.
Cedric Benson CIN 15 Att 57 Yds 0 TD 1 Rec 5 Yds Continues to get a fair amount of touches, but may be in serious danger of losing some to Bernard Scott.
Brandon Jacobs NYG 18 Att 55 Yds 0 TD 2 Rec 17 Yds San Francisco's run defense is clearly the best in the NFL right now, so I hope you weren't expecting much more from Jacobs.
Donald Brown IND 14 Att 53 Yds 0 TD 4 Rec 12 Yds Indianapolis has to give it to somebody, but you know they're likely to be horrible.  Might be alright in a PPR league.
Knowshon Moreno DEN 4 Att 52 Yds 0 TD 0 Rec 0 Yds Just when Moreno seemed started to rush well he exits the season with an injury.
Adrian Peterson MIN 14 Att 51 Yds 1 TD 0 Rec 0 Yds You know the Vikings are losing badly when Peterson only gets 14 touches.
Reggie Bush MIA 14 Att 47 Yds 2 TD 4 Rec 4 Yds For those of us who avoid playing the unreliable Bush in our fantasy leagues, Bush's two-touchdown game is like a stab in the heart.  I still wouldn't want him on my team, but clearly he's worth considering given Miami's limited offensive options.
Dexter McCluster KC 8 Att 45 Yds 0 TD 6 Rec 48 Yds We'll have to wait and see what kind of a role McCluster will play with a different quarterback.   Not a bad day though with 93 total yards, especially in PPR leagues.
Rashard Mendenhall PIT 16 Att 44 Yds 2 TD 1 Rec 26 Yds Mendenhall only averaged 2.75 rushing yards per carry, but still scored twice against a tough Cincinnati defense.
Maurice Morris DET 10 Att 44 Yds 0 TD 1 Rec 6 Yds With Detroit's running game in shambles due to injuries, Morris may continue to get opportunities.  But he'll have to make more of them to start in standard fantasy leagues.
Daniel Thomas MIA 17 Att 42 Yds 0 TD 0 Rec 0 Yds Thomas continues to disappoint as Miami's other back; Bush being suddenly effective doesn't help either.
Roy Helu WAS 6 Att 41 Yds 0 TD 3 Rec 13 Yds Washington's offense is in such chaos, but that hasn't translated into better fantasy production from their running backs.
Kendall Hunter SF 6 Att 40 Yds 1 TD 1 Rec 4 Yds Hunter will need to step up for San Francisco to continue to win without Frank Gore.  There's some promise he can with more opportunity.
Taiwan Jones OAK 7 Att 39 Yds 0 TD 0 Rec 0 Yds Even with Carson Palmer throwing effectively against San Diego, Oakland is still going to run the ball a lot and it's not just going to be Bush.
Danny Woodhead NW 7 Att 38 Yds 0 TD 1 Rec 6 Yds New England was able to win against the Jets without a run game.
Bernard Scott CIN 7 Att 38 Yds 0 TD 0 Rec 0 Yds Scott hasn't really gotten the chance he might need to break out, but he might if Benson continues to be mediocre.
LaDainian Tomlinson NYJ 7 Att 38 Yds 0 TD 2 Rec 22 Yds Tomlinson still gets to play a fair share of the Jets' unreliable offense.
Mike Tolbert SD 7 Att 36 Yds 0 TD 5 Rec 37 Yds Ugly numbers considering Mathews' performance, but clearly still not 100 percent healthy either.
Derrick Ward HOU 11 Att 36 Yds 1 TD 0 Rec 0 Yds Without Schaub, Houston may have a third viable running back to start in deeper fantasy leagues.
DeAngelo Williams CAR 8 Att 35 Yds 0 TD 0 Rec 0 Yds Carolina's offense looked terrible against one of the NFL's worst defenses, Tennessee.
Ryan Mathews SD 6 Att 34 Yds 0 TD 3 Rec 23 Yds If San Diego continues to play so clumsily on offense, Mathews might continue to have a depressing workload for fantasy owners.
LeGarrette Blount TB 10 Att 34 Yds 0 TD 1 Rec 0 Yds Tampa Bay couldn't get anything started against Houston's defense.
D.J. Ware NYG 9 Att 34 Yds 0 TD 5 Rec 85 Yds The Giants' second running back put up great receiving numbers against a tough San Francisco defense.
Kregg Lumpkin TAM 4 Att 31 Yds 0 TD 5 Rec 30 Yds May continue to be a fair play in PPR leagues, but I wouldn't consider him otherwise if Blount plays.
Jacquizz Rodgers ATL 7 Att 30 Yds 0 TD 1 Rec 8 Yds It would be great to see what Rodgers could do against an easier opponent and Atlanta can rest Turner.
Pierre Thomas NO 6 Att 29 Yds 0 TD 4 Rec 85 Yds Thomas caught for an impressive 85 yards, but continues to see a less-than-ideal workload for fantasy owners, especially in the red zone.
Phillip Tanner DAL 11 Att 29 Yds 0 TD 0 Rec 0 Yds Tanner wasn't too effective as Murray's backup.  With Felix Jones returning I don't think we'll see Tanner all that often unless Dallas has already won the game.
Marion Barber CHI 13 Att 27 Yds 0 TD 0 Rec 0 Yds When Forte and your defense can score, Barber's fantasy value takes a considerable hit.
Ray Rice BAL 5 Att 27 Yds 0 TD 8 Rec 54 Yds Rice actually threw better than Joe Flacco against Seattle, tossing a touchdown to Ed Dickson.
Isaac Redman PIT 7 Att 25 Yds 0 TD 1 Rec -8 Yds Redman's poor performance isn't too surprising considering Cincinatti's defense.
Jonathan Stewart CAR 4 Att 23 Yds 0 TD 4 Rec 22 Yds With Newton trying to transition into a more traditional pass-first NFL quarterback, looks like we'll have to wait and see what kind of role Stewart can have in it.  Couldn't be much worse than his Week 10 performance.
Ryan Torain WAS 10 Att 20 Yds 0 TD 1 Rec 4 Yds Torain was just appallingly bad against Miami's run defense.
Kevin Smith DET 4 Att 19 Yds 0 TD 2 Rec 10 Yds Can Detroit recover from their offensive woes, and will it involve Smith enough to start him in fantasy football?
Javon Ringer TEN 6 Att 19 Yds 0 TD 1 Rec 7 Yds With Johnson running well, Ringer is definitely only a backup.
Willis McGahee DEN 4 Att 17 Yds 0 TD 0 Rec 0 Yds It's a sad reflection of Kansas City that Denver was able to run so effectively while resting their best rusher and losing Moreno to injury.
Spencer Larsen DEN 5 Att 17 Yds 0 TD 0 Rec 0 Yds Obviously Denver won't get away with relying heavily on the run against most opponents.
Delone Carter IND 6 Att 14 Yds 0 TD 0 Rec 0 Yds Even with Painter only throwing for 94 yards, Indianapolis couldn't run either.
Mark Ingram NO 8 Att 11 Yds 0 TD 1 Rec 3 Yds Ingram continues to be a bitter pill for fantasy owners to swallow, but the Saints just won't commit to Thomas either.
Ricky Williams BAL 3 Att 8 Yds 0 TD 3 Rec 24 Yds At least Williams caught more passes than Anquan Boldin.
BenJarvus Green-Ellis NE 8 Att 8 Yds 0 TD 0 Rec 0 Yds Fantasy owners still brave enough to play Green-Ellis were hoping for better numbers against the normally vulnerable Jets defense.
Kevin Faulk NE 5 Att 8 Yds 0 TD 0 Rec 0 Yds No catches for the potential PPR prospect Faulk.
Mewelde Moore PIT 9 Att 7 Yds 0 TD 3 Rec 25 Yds You can't blame Jacksonville for not continuing to try with Jones-Drew's handcuff, but Karim just can't get anything going, even against an awful opponent.
Deji Karim JAC 8 Att 6 Yds 0 TD 1 Rec 17 Yds Grant was unimpressive with only eight carries.
Ryan Grant GB 5 Att 4 Yds 0 TD 0 Rec 0 Yds Still no sparks of life for the New England running game.
Darren Sproles NO 2 Att 1 Yds 0 TD 4 Rec 2 Yds Sproles was definitely a letdown against Atlanta.
Jacob Hester SD 1 Att 1 Yds 0 TD 1 Rec 7 Yds Hester caught a short touchdown pass, annoying Atlanta's fantasy owners.
John Kuhn GB 0 Att 0 Yds 0 TD 2 Rec 9 Yds Kuhn sucked another red-zone target from Starks and Grant.
Frank Gore SF 6 Att 0 Yds 0 TD 1 Rec 8 Yds Gore's latest injury turns what was looking to be another great season into the guessing game of if he will play 12 games in a season.