1. Whoa. Gore stays same (more work; less effective offense) Hilton a low WR2 ; Moncrief WR3.( https://t.co/uH8yMEhdtx

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  6. Colts could feed the ball to Frank Gore against Jacksonville http://t.co/rbBQ9fa4MP

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  11. Frank Gore, at his lowest, once uttered the following: "Man, is football really for me?" Hahahahahahahaha!!!! http://t.co/ktiUUsUAzl

  12. Thanks. They don't make many people like Frank Gore. https://t.co/ZJchQDqZsm

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  16. It's nice to see others appreciate what we've known for years. It's impossible not to admire Frank Gore. https://t.co/cbZjmriy1a

  17. Frank Gore on his departure from San Fran: "I thought we could have done it better. No bull----. Just straight up." http://t.co/akpajTAOy3

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  21. Frank Gore could play significant role in Colts offense on Sunday http://t.co/stVgZPvPtV http://t.co/pQh3n4ucSF

  22. FWIW: I expect Luck to play Sunday. And I expect the Colts to lean on Frank Gore a heck of a lot more than they have so far.

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  26. Frank Gore did something Sunday no Colts player has done since 2007: http://t.co/MawJwCV71w http://t.co/V3UHznl5H4

  27. Working late tonight. I promise you're gonna love Frank Gore a little more after you read what I'm working on. Great stuff. Coming Thu/Fri

  28. Frank Gore is back in the game for Indy.

  29. Lack of Experience Behind Gore Could Be Concern

  30. Very good chance Zurlon Tipton gets brought up from the P squad to join Frank Gore as week continues.

  31. Mike Garafolo of Fox Sports reports that "all indications are RB Frank Gore is intent on joining the Colts." #frankgore #colts #nfl ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Now doing all the latest sports news using our skin...follow us @BTBNEWS!! 

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  34. “Biggest thing with him is patience. He lets things develop in front of him and hits the hole hard.” — #Jaguars HC Gus Bradley on Frank Gore

  35. Frank Gore is an elite option in Week 4 http://t.co/QKWGdSBeGc

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  37. Chuck Pagano says that starting running back Frank Gore will be on a pitch count, at least to start the season. Need him for playoffs.

  38. 1 49ers - Rodgers 2 Dolphins - DeMarcus Ware 3 Browns - Frank Gore 4 Bears - Derrick Johnson 5 Bucs - Alex Smith https://t.co/b7WIMb85Mx

  39. Dwight Lowery and Frank Gore receive game balls after yesterday's win. WATCH: http://t.co/AGkMDksJQO http://t.co/mH0u7E5Tws

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  41. Camp: RB Robinson a Top-15 RB If Gore Gets Hurt

  42. Few other thoughts: 1. Huge play by Freeman on 4th + goal 2. Frank Gore ran like a beast all day 3. Bjoern Werner saved them on that 2-pter

  43. Frank Gore got one of the game balls yesterday, and immediately gave it to the OL. http://t.co/pHuthxc31r @Colts

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  46. These 2 guys combined have 2 NFL TD catches. (Not including Frank Gore ) http://t.co/X0IaLMVNMl

  47. A great turn around for the #colts take a 35-27 lead on a Frank Gore touchdown. Not over yet though #INDvsTEN

  48. Frank Gore TD has Colts up 35-27. Colts have 3 TDs in the 4th quarter, Titans have 0 yards in the 4th quarter.

  49. That's why you bring Frank Gore to Indianapolis. Colts now up 35-27, and figure to avoid the unthinkable: An 0-3 start.