Dolphins Divide 49ers Winning Percentage

T.J. MorrillCorrespondent IDecember 14, 2008

The Miami Dolphins are now 9-5 and still among the division leaders. With the Bills blowing a game against the Jets, New York remains tied with the Dolphins and hold the tiebreaker. The Patriots currently hold a 42-20 lead over the Raiders so I will assume the Patriots win. This puts the three leaders in the same spot they were coming into this week.

Incredible red-zone defense is what kept the Dolphins ahead in this one. On the 49ers three scoring chances they came away with only three field goals and no touchdowns. This is the third game in a row the Dolphins defense has not allowed a touchdown. Although the 49ers controlled the game clock by a large margin the Dolphins defense stepped up when it really counted and made sure nobody got the ball in the endzone.

After the first half the offense seemed to struggle. Two touchdown passes from Pennington gave the Dolphins their 14 points of the game. The offensive unit seemed to collapse in the second half until a time consuming drive that resulted in a field goal attempt going off the corner of the uprights. Once again on the 49ers final drive the Dolphins defense kept Shaun Hill and the Niners out of the endzone.

It's apparent to me that the special teams and defensive units have really stepped up the last three weeks. The Dolphins offense doesn't have to score a whole lot as long as their defense and special teams continue to come up with big plays. This doesn't mean the offense needs to stop doing their job though.

With Kansas City on the horizon the Dolphins need to stay focused and continue their red-zone play and keep up the special teams effort. The Dolphins by the way are guarunteed a winning record now, congrats Phins, after winning only one game last year you have a winning season.

P.S. What's with the all-white, show us some color!