NFL News Review 12/11

Gage Arnold@GageArnoldCorrespondent IDecember 11, 2008

So we now have carried the BCS into court. Today a senator from Texas proposed through legislation that college football should in fact adopt a playoff system. To me, this will probably die out, but this could also just be the beginning.

Well let's get to it, we're about to start this baby off like MLB free agency, with a bang, and then a letdown, then another boom. Enjoy.

Kellen Winslow, TE, Browns

Kellen Winslow (high ankle sprain) admits he doesn't know if he'll play again this year, but wants to be a Brown in 2009.

"I love being a Cleveland Brown," he said. Asked if he expects a new contract in the offseason, he replied "I hired Drew Rosenhaus for that." The Browns are expected to shop Winslow for an early-round pick, probably on draft day.
There is an old saying that states that it's good to know when your not wanted. Apparently Winslow has never heard that one. While Winslow's talent is not questioned by any means, if he keeps up his roller coaster of mood swings, then he will not be in Brown and Orange come game day next year. This could actually be a good thing.
Just don't hit an imaginary reindeer this Christmas season.
Tarvaris Jackson, QB, Vikings
Tarvaris Jackson is expected to be the Vikings' starting quarterback in week 15 against the Cardinals.
Arizona's pass defense is far from a shutdown unit, but Jackson isn't even a good quarterback to gamble on this week. The Vikings are sure to use the run heavily and Jackson lacks the accuracy, especially on vertical throws, to be a good bet for production even in the finest of matchups.
It could just be me, but I love to see this. Nothing like an awful quarterback getting a second chance on everything, and he even gets the Cardinals light pass defense, so I can't help but root for him. With a name like Tarvaris, you have to be good, at some point...
JaMarcus Russell, QB, Raiders
CBS analyst Rich Gannon hears that JaMarcus Russell's work ethic is lacking, but doesn't necessarily blame that on Russell.
"The coach comes out and says that the guy needs to...come to work every day and do the work it takes to be successful," said Gannon. "That’s mind-boggling, how, in this day and age, whether it be a coordinator or a position coach or a head coach, wouldn’t demand that the guy come in on Tuesdays and do the work.
"If your QB is not the hardest working guy in the building, you have a problem. I think you learn to do that, you learn to be that type of guy."
Well I can sympathize with Russell. I mean you can only have a positive attitude for so long with Al Davis as your boss. I mean the Jews weren't happy under Hitler, nor were the Soviets under Stalin. It's just basic math. Crazy old owner plus awful team, leads to a huge lack of concern and a total collapse in moral.
Hopefully they get this kid a good coach before too long, he has worlds of potential. But if he doesn't put anything up before too long, he too will be buying his plane ticket out of Oakland too.
Alright folks. Off again. I know your dying to hear more news, but hold strong, more will be on it's way ere I be a liar. See you guys tomorrow. TGIF.