AFC EAST: How Would Aaron Curry Look in a Buffalo Bills Uniform Now?

Aaron McKinneyCorrespondent IIIOctober 26, 2011

OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 16:  Aaron Curry #51 of the Oakland Raiders celebrates after the Raiders recovered a fumble by the Cleveland Browns at Coliseum on October 16, 2011 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Now that the Shawne Merriman experiment is essentially a flop, I ask all Buffalo Bills fans, why didn't Buddy Nix make a play for Aaron Curry?

Really, I believe the Bills could have Merriman back, but what reason has he given to make anybody believe he can play at even a mediocre level ever again? It seems as though he's done.

Funny how a former Top 5 pick from a recent draft was available at a low price before the deadline. Aaron Curry's name never once traveled through the Buffalo Bills' rumor mill. You can't tell me they had no idea this Merriman situation would absolutely not end this way.

The Raiders gave up the opposite of what they gave up for Carson Palmer. Even if they get modest results from Curry, that deal would have to be considered a victory. Aaron Curry is in great shape and has world class athleticism in the category of linebacker. He's also durable having not been on the injured list once in his young career.

Seriously, the same way the Raiders may end up being taken in the Palmer trade, and even though he looked awful this past week, it's a work in progress. If Curry starts the rest of the season, the Raiders already won that trade.

This would especially be a fabulous move considering the other injuries the Bills have absorbed with Chris Kelsay and especially Kyle Williams. What Nix and Gailey are telling the fans is that the remaining linebackers we have can make up for the linebacking losses and the best defensive lineman (I realize Dareus has more potential, but Williams is currently the centerpiece) being hurt. Isn't this team struggling on defense already? 

The Bills might have won both of the games they lost with even a slightly better defense. They also wouldn't have had to comeback in two others and had to worry about a big Eagles comeback either. I also think they really could have helped themselves out immensely by trading for Brandon Lloyd with all the injuries at wide receiver, but it's far less detrimental.

They even have an additional fourth option from the Lee Evans trade. I'm pretty hard pressed to believe they should wait and use that pick next year. There aren't too many players they could've gotten that would help immediately. Although Curry had struggled under the new Seahawks regime, who's to say that it was nothing more than a clash of personalities, which was reported to be with Pete Carroll. 

They have already their bye week. Hopefully, Dave Wannstedt has solved some of the issues that have plagued the defense so far. There's also reason to believe that NFL defenses are starting to come around after really being hurt by the lockout, especially after a week of some very low scores, and some awful looking offenses. That would make the conveniently placed bye week even more important, especially to a younger defender like Dareus, and injured starters like Kelsay and especially Williams. 

If this team really is about winning now, I would like to see more of a pledge to do exactly that.