Turner Gill and His Bulls Pull The Rug Out From Under Nate Davis And Ball St.

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IDecember 5, 2008

Well, well, well..  After tonight I would bet the house that there is an AD, or two, or three, kicking themselves for declining to give Turner Gill a shot as a head coach. Considering the extraordinary and miraculous turn around that he has inspired in three short seasons, how could there not be?

Gill and his Bulls just completed an improbable run to a MAC title tonight with a win over previously undefeated Ball St.  I don't know that people understand the magnitude of tonight's win over Ball St.

To really understand what happened tonight, we need to evaluate where the Bulls football program was before Turner Gill.  The Bulls program had just rejoined Division 1 football in 1999.  In the seven years prior to Turner's arrival, the Bulls had won a total of 10 games.

Upon his arrival three years ago he found a program and players without a pulse, without passion and without confidence. In his own inspirational way he was able to create a spark in players and ignite local support for a team that had never known how to win.

Turner Gill is one of those extraordinary people that exudes confidence, dignity and passion in all that he does.  He expects no less than this in all of his players and through his motivational lessons he is able to get the very best out of his players.

How could any parent not want their young man to go play for such a leader and maker of men?

Man, it's amazing, what people can do with the right message from the right messenger.

Are you listening Syracuse?

Frankly, I wouldn't be at all surprised if Turner Gill turned down a serious financial offer from a major FBS school in order to continue his "work" at Buffalo.

Congratulations to the Buffalo Bulls and it's fans.

And to Turner Gill, you have once again made all of Husker Nation very proud!