History of Undefeated Green Bay Packers Teams Playing Winless Teams

Andrew McKillopContributor IIOctober 15, 2011

Packers look to keep their undefeated season alive.
Packers look to keep their undefeated season alive.Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

This Sunday the undefeated Green Bay Packers (5-0) face off against the winless St. Louis Rams (0-4).  Historically, this is a rare matchup for the Packers.  Counting at least a minimum of four games into their season, an undefeated Packers team has only played a winless team on six other occasions.  Checkout the list below.


Year/Date W-L at Team W-L Score
1931 - 10/11 4-0-0 vs Chicago Cardinals 0-1-0 W 26-7
1931 - 10/18 5-0-0 vs Frankford Yellow Jackets 0-2-1 W 15-0
1932 - 10/16 3-0-1 at Chicago Bears 0-0-3 W 2-0
1962 - 10/14 4-0-0 at Minnesota Vikings 0-4-0 W 48-21
1966 - 10/9 4-0-0 at San Francisco 49ers 0-2-1 L 21-20
1967 -10/15 3-0-1 vs Minnesota Vikings 0-4-0 L 10-7


It's noteworthy that the Packers lost their last two games against a winless opponent when they were undefeated (four game minimum again).  The last time I checked, the Packers are 15-point favorites against the Rams; it's very unlikely that their losing streak in such matchups will continue.

Back in 2002, a winless Rams team stunned an undefeated Raiders team.
Back in 2002, a winless Rams team stunned an undefeated Raiders team.Elsa/Getty Images





Mores Notes

The Rams will have played in the last three matchups involving an undefeated NFL team vs. a winless NFL team (four game minimum); they were the winless team in all those matchups.

There have been only three instances (out of 24) since the NFL merger, in which a winless team has defeated an undefeated team.  One of those instances included the Packers.  In 1975, the 0-4 Packers defeated the 4-0 Cowboys.  It was the only time (minimum four games played by both teams) in their history, that a winless Packers team played an undefeated team.

The last winless team to defeat an undefeated team (four game minimum again) were the Rams.  Back in 2002, the 0-5 Rams defeated the 4-0 Raiders.


So we'll see what happens on Sunday.  The statistical trend in this specific type of matchup (albeit the small sample size) favors the Rams.  But that of course is history, and so are the Rams this season.  The Packers easily win 24-0, and that's how I'm calling it.