TNA Bound for Glory: The Top 5 Competitors Competing at the PPV

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistOctober 14, 2011

TNA Bound for Glory: The Top 5 Competitors Competing at the PPV

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    There is a lot of talk by TNA about how Sting vs. Hulk Hogan is a huge matchup.

    However, let's face it. No one really wants to see these two fight now.

    This match is about 20 years too late to be a main event match.

    Sting and Hogan are not the top performers in TNA.

    There are many seriously talented stars that will be competing at Bound for Glory that will create a more entertaining and engrossing contest at the PPV.

    The following are the top five competitors who will all put in a stronger performances than Hogan or Sting, at Bound for Glory.

5. Bobby Roode

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    You know how good the talent for this PPV is?

    The man I hope and pray will win the TNA World Title on Sunday is only number five on this list.

    Robert Roode has everything necessary to succeed in professional wrestling.

    He has charisma, in ring ability, mic skills and the look.

    He is a star who has been long overdue for a World Title shot.

    On Sunday, Roode will be facing one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, in a match that could end up contending for match of the year especially where TNA is concerned.

    Hopefully, this growing star will find his way into the spotlight when he contends for the World Title on Sunday.

4. Samoa Joe

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    An amazing talent who has been horribly pushed down lately.

    Samoa Joe is an amazing monster heel.

    The things he can do in the ring at his size are absolutely breathtaking.

    With great charisma and amazing athletic ability, the fact that he almost didn't make the card is crazy.

    There is nothing about Joe that does not scream star.

    I hope deep down that he pulls out the win on Sunday, but Crimson will probably continue extending his streak.

3. Austin Aries

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    Austin Aries is one of the best new stars in professional wrestling.

    Ever since he began in TNA, he has shown off skills that should not be present in a mere rookie.

    Sure, he had his time in ROH, but he has really shined in TNA.

    He has the mic skills and the in ring ability to become a legend.

    His charisma may exceed any current wrestler in TNA or WWE, except CM Punk.

    When Aries and Kendrick wrestle on Sunday, the X-Division will finally gain the prominence it deserves, since two great young stars will pull out an amazing match.

2. Kurt Angle

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    The oldest member of this list, Kurt Angle has still got it.

    Unlike Hogan, Flair and Sting, he can still really go in the ring.

    At his prime, Angle was probably the best pure wrestler in professional wrestling.

    Now, he can still wrestle his way around 95 percent of any pro wrestling locker room.

    He also has immense charisma which makes him compelling to this day on the mic.

    On Sunday, he will show the world why he is still considered a great.

    However, I hope that in the end he helps to pass the torch to a very game Bobby Roode.

1. AJ Styles

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    WWE is the brand I enjoy watching more than any other, but I have to admit, AJ Styles may be the best performer in pro wrestling today.

    He has the mic skills to stand up to anyone.

    He has charisma in spades.

    He is the best athlete in TNA or WWE today bar none.

    CM Punk is better on the mic, but he is not even close to Styles athletically.

    When Styles enters a ring, there is no reason not to be excited. So, on Sunday when he faces Daniels on more time, expect to see a mind blowing match.

    If anyone slacks in their performance on Sunday, it will not be Styles.

Time to Let Go?

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    With so much talent in TNA, why are we still considering Sting vs. Hulk Hogan for the main event?

    Why are AJ Styles and Bobby Roode stepping aside for these two to limp around the ring?

    "Honestly, this is 2011. This is the time for guys like my self to step up, to get that torch, and carry it for years to come," Roode said.

    There are even more stars who are not even on the card.

    What could have taken the place of this match?

    Almost any match.

    We really have no need to see these two hurt their legacy further.