Brock Lesnar: 5 Burning Questions Heading into His UFC Return

Adam OsterkampContributor IIISeptember 16, 2011

Brock Lesnar: 5 Burning Questions Heading into His UFC Return

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    Brock Lesnar is a fighter that polarizes many fight fans. There doesn’t seem to be much room for a middle ground with this guy. He’s either the greatest fighter or a big guy who’s quick and got lucky a few times. While an agreement will likely never be reached, on December 30, when Brock faces off against Alistair Overeem, the answer may seem a little more clear.

    Brock has a lot riding on this fight. His long, successful career has more than paid for itself by now, but his legacy amongst the notoriously fickle fight fans hangs in the balance. If he loses, many more people are sure to write him off, but if he wins...if he wins it will be another big-name competitor in his win column. Another name to help him cement is mythos.

    What are the big questions concerning Lesnar’s return? Read on to find out.

What Will a Win Do for the Former Champ?

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    Lesnar has proved very early in his career that he can hang with the best. His first loss to Frank Mir, Lesnar avenged in convincing fashion. He is a freakishly fast learner, and if he focuses on his stand-up defense, he has a great chance of avenging his other loss.

    All that said, does a win mean an immediate title shot for Brock?

    If Cain Velasquez loses to Junior dos Santos, would Brock look to avenge his only other loss? Or would getting another shot at the title be his immediate focus? And does the UFC want a champion that may need to vacate the belt if his diverticulitis flares up again?

    The UFC is, after all, a business, and having a champion that may be unstable because of their health might not be the best thing.


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    Although Lesnar has undergone surgery, there’s no guaranteeing he’ll be free of any more problems with diverticulitis.  Brock’s ability to fight consistently will always be in question, unfortunately.

    Besides that, how much has the surgery and subsequent dietary restrictions taken out of the former heavyweight champion? Will he have the same size, strength, speed or endurance going into this fight?

    If the answer to any of those questions is “no,” it could spell potential disaster for Brock.

Brock's Ground Game

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    Lesnar’s best chance to win this fight is on the ground. The fact of the matter is that Brock can’t go blow for blow with Alistair. That doesn’t mean Lesnar hasn’t been improving his stand-up defense. It would be a mistake for Brock not to use his skill as a wrestler to take Alistair down and go to town on Overeem’s face like he did with Frank Mir.

    Brock almost certainly has the skill to get Alistair down to the canvas, but can he keep the fight there while also avoiding Alistair’s awesome ground game? Will Brock try to get a decision victory? Or will he try to take Alistair into deep water and pound out a TKO?

    A ref stoppage or submission will go a long way toward improving Brock’s reputation as a mixed martial artist.

What Would a Loss Mean for Brock?

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    Many people consider Brock a fluke fighter, a wrestler who doesn’t have any business being in the world of mixed martial arts. A loss to Alistair will go along way in convincing many more people that Brock was just a “lucky” fighter.

    Does Brock have what it takes to stay in the UFC with some of the most elite strikers in all of combat sports?

    What will the UFC do with him if he does suffer a loss?

    Will Brock continue to have the same draw he has in the past if he suffers another loss?

    Or will it be the beginning of the end for him in the UFC?


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    This is undoubtedly the biggest questions about Brock’s return. You have to give it to the guy; Brock isn’t taking the easy route in his return by facing another fighter who’s known for having great stand-up. Recently, people have been saying that Brock’s “kryptonite” is hitting him in the face, but getting a definitive win will help Brock dispel that myth.

    Is Lesnar trying to prove something with this fight? Will his stand-up defense have improved? Will Brock be able to overcome Alistair’s striking and rid himself of his current stigma? Or will Alistair prove everyone right and give Brock’s face a good pulping? In a few months, we’ll all get to find out!