Question For TNA: What Is This Garbage?

John FalcettaSenior Analyst INovember 22, 2008

I feel like I have been here before.

Oh yeah I have.

I have not watched Pro Wrestling in quite a while. The WWE has lost my attention and TNA did so a long time ago.

I recently tried to give TNA another chance. I did not go to the Bound For Glory Pay Per View as I had intended since it was close to my house. I knew the outcome would be Sting winning the title again.

How original.

The same tired storyline the same tired old wrestlers getting put over at younger talents expense seems to be the same old same old.

Now we get this garbage called the Main Event Mafia. I remember this storyline in WCW called the "New Blood vs. The Millionaires Club."  It was terrible then and it's terrible now.

Many of the same players are even involved in this retread. Kevin Nash, Sting, Scott Steiner, Booker T., Jeff Jarret and the worst booker ever Vince Russo.

Let's just hope Russo does not put the belt on himself again or David Arquette is too busy to have a title run.

This angle is going nowhere fast. The funniest part to me is that Samoa Joe even called them the Millionaires club when he was talking to Steiner a few weeks ago.

What a joke.

I have tried to get back into watching TNA but just cannot justify wasting my time with it. Even when I record it on my DVR. The Barney episodes I have taped for my daughter are more entertaining.

TNA fans often chant "Fire Russo" during gimmick matches at PPV's. Maybe they should do it more often. Maybe they should'nt show up to show the disgust they have for him and his booking.

I know one thing I won't be watching Impact anymore, even fast forwarded.