Stan Van Gundy Says 'You Do with What You Have': Orlando Magic Don't Have Much

Joye PruittSenior Analyst IJuly 26, 2011

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I am not particularly sure why Stan Van Gundy is such a standing fraction of the Orlando Magic team. They should be taking hints from Cleveland, where they fired Mike Brown because he got all the way to the top and then flopped with LeBron James on his squad.

The head coaching position should be reconsidered since it seems like Orlando is in the races to lose the second best thing to ever happen to their franchise.

However, there has been something of an interesting development in the "Rise or Fall of Orlando." This is an excerpt from an Orlando Sentinel article where Van Gundy defended the overused three-point shot that seems to be the fall of the organization in dire moments of important games.

"We think it helps our center and we think it helps our point guard in penetrating if we can spread the floor out," Van Gundy said at the Coaching U Live event at UCF on Thursday.

"The numbers think that’s a better shot than the mid-range. And the other reason is, that’s who we have."

Van Gundy went on to say, in general terms, that the Magic haven’t possessed perimeter players adept at penetrating and scoring at the rim. More than 80 percent of the shots taken by Jameer Nelson, Jason Richardson and Hedo Turkoglu are classified as jump-shots.

"Especially from an offensive standpoint, this is a personnel driven league," Van Gundy continued.

"You do with what you have. We get it from our media all the time and our fans. We’ll have those nights, 2-for-23 from three."

"They say you gotta drive the ball more. Who? Who? That’s my question. Who? Who’s going to drive the ball? That’s not who we have. If I had a different team, there are a lot of guys in the league that I wouldn’t shoot threes with. We have who we have and we’re going to build our system around it."

I understand that everyone has those nights. Hell, even the almighty Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant, has moments where I think he should be benched for an entire fourth quarter. It is not about having an off night or two.

While Orlando is taking the most threes in the league, they have an average point differential, or had in the 2010 season, of +5.5.

This means that while they are stepping outside that three-point line every other shot, they are only pulling away from their opponents by about six points.

That is kind of troubling to believe since they have a monstrous force under the basket that rarely misses anything he puts around the rim. This statistic just heavily pounds on top of what we already know. The three-point threat in Orlando is barely existent and will not allow the Magic to embark upon a journey farther than they have already gone.

Is it just me or is Van Gundy taking shots at the men he has on his squad? First, Dwight Howard almost threatens an exit if Orlando staff does not bring in men with heart. Now, Stan Van Gundy is almost making the same plea, but in a different manner.

The phrase "you do with what you have" does not give me the belief that Van Gundy appreciates what he has. It kind of sounds like he is settling with the men put in place than actually desiring a long term commitment from anyone except Howard.

Whatever the case may be in Orlando, something needs to change. The Magic do not have very long before changes will be made for them.

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