1. LeBron 13s and I are Charged Up! #StriveForGreatness #NikeForLife #Blessed

  2. LBJ Warns NBA About Wearing His Shoes

  3. LeBron Ends Business Deal with McDonald's, Endorses Pizza Chain

  4. LBJ: Sure Coach, but First... LET ME TAKE A SELFIE

  5. Cavs Teammates Go on Quest in NBA on TNT Promo

  6. And on a side/front and back note "The Williams Sisters" are AMAZING!!! @serenawilliams @Venuseswilliams. My daughter will look up to y'all

  7. I will begin the process now. Around the clock(when needed), strong hands & stretches as well. And don't mind the cold weather either.

  8. LeBron Believes He Won't Have to Carry the Load for Cavs

  9. Gamer Loses on LeBron's Full Court Shot

  10. James Breaks Out 'Dabbin' Dance Before Scrimmage

  11. I've been thinking about this for awhile and some of you may think I'm crazy but hey, Lol! I want a Full Time massage therapist!

  12. Check out my brother @kingjames dabbing before today's #WineAndGold scrimmage. Lol. #Dab #GoCavs

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