1. It's an Ohio thing. You wouldn't get it if you're not from there. Work wit my lil bro @norriscole! All love bro. S/O the family @dbcfit #OH #StriveForGreatness

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  6. It's time to work! #StriveForGreatness

  7. Dinner is served! It's over for two! Lol

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  11. They're so many great players in this game right now. 2000 Western Conference finals. Crazy!!

  12. West coasting wit my hitta! #LALove

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  16. Wishing JZ-one of the good dudes I work with a safe and healthy recovery from surgery. See you at camp Champ!

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  20. Happy B-day my Queen!!!! Continue to be the incredible person u are cause it's AMAZING love!! Hope you're enjoying your day to the fullest. @mrs_savannahrj #LuckyGuyIAm

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  24. In Napa getting lit with friends and family at Goose and Gander. What a wonderful place! Love it!

  25. Y'all know what tonight is people! Yup you guessed it @SRemorse_Starz tonight at 9:30Est. Don't miss it!

  26. LeBron, University of Akron Pave Way for College Scholarships for Children

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  28. The look you have when u have nothing left from your workout. Recovery starts asap. Lol! #StriveForGreatness #SeasonRightAroundTheCorner

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  31. Yesterday kick bball game at Nike HC with my #TeamLeBron crew was a blast! Amazing times! Hope u guys enjoyed. #StriveForGreatnessTogether

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  33. LeBron James: family, health, Cavs season will impact 2016 Rio Olympics decision. "I'm not penciling in for next summer right now."

  34. Early morning Yoga session today with #TeamLeBron. We #StriveForGreatnessTogether

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  39. Start of the morning spin class at my other home Nike HC with part of Team LeBron. We all #StriveForGreatness together. Oh who ever didn't show this morning owe me suicides. Hahaha!

  40. Man I can't to get back on the floor again with you two guys! Last year was just a sample size of what we're capable of and I'm so hyped thinking about what's next @kevinlove @k1irving #King #UncleDrew #Menace #TheLand

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  43. Happy G-day to the homie @kobebryant! #MambaStatus #LivingLegend