Money in the Bank: By Far the Most Shocking Night in WWE in a Long Time

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIJuly 17, 2011

The match of the year
The match of the year

This night has not failed to deliver on shock value. Tonight, WWE proclaimed something that we all hoped it would: They listen. With the community of wrestling all over the Internet, I believe they chose to do what was popular as opposed to safe. For that, I must thank the WWE for showing they could put on such a hugely entertaining pay-per-view.

The best of the year to be exact. 

The SmackDown Money in the Bank match was one that surprised me. Not just the winner but the entire match in general. Going in, I thought it was going to be the least exciting out of the Money in the Bank matches, and I was dead wrong.

Sin Cara getting powerbombed through a ladder was great to watch. Seeing him leave on a stretcher though was not. He could have provided more jaw-dropping moves had he not left.

Kane chokeslamming Shamus onto a ladder was also a joy, and everything done in that match looked like it hurt. The fact that WWE has finally given Daniel Bryant his due was satisfying to see. What they have planned for him will be exciting to see in the future.

The Divas match was a divas match.

The Orton vs. Christian match was a decent bout. The match went back and forth, and it looked like Orton was going to end the match on a powerhouse role. Christian did something I thought was a bit of a shock and spit at him—in his mouth. It could be argued that it was a lucky shot. However, he capitalizes on it as Orton snapped and intentionality kicked him right in the groin. Since a stipulation was if Randy disqualified, the title would change hands, we got a new champion.

That only made him angrier. Orton proceeded to tackle Christian over the Spanish announcer's table, beat him some more, which included a teleprompter to his face, and then RKO'd him on the table—twice. Another shocking part of that was that Daniel Bryant did not go down to the ring and cash his contract in. That is another reason why I am really excited to see what they have in store for him.

The Big Show vs. Henry match itself was not shocking. Mark Henry dominated the Big Show, which was not something I expected. Many thought that the Big Show would pull off the victory, and Henry's push would be done with. 


Instead, Henry gave Big Show the World's Strongest Slam, two splashed and covered him for the count. What he did after the match was shocking. I knew Henry was probably going to beat Show up some more since that is what he usually does.

What shocked me was that he tried to break Big Shows left ankle with a chair. He leaped from the ropes onto the chair, and Big Show appears to be out for a while. I am not sure what the plan is for Henry now with him out the picture. Maybe he goes after Christian for the title with Orton. Whatever it is though, Henry is being used correctly. Finally.

Moving on over to the Raw Money in the Bank match, it saw Alberto Del Rio get the brief case. Watching him tear off Rey's mask in order to try to get him off the top of the ladder was intense and shocking. I put my hands on my head saying "What? Did he just..." when I saw that.

Other than that though, nothing too shocking in the match. The Miz returning to the match after an injury just to do nothing was a disappointment. Great match all-around. 

Of course, the main event. This needs no hype. We know the stipulations, the intensity, the contestants. This was delivered in every sense of the word. 

First, the reaction from the crowd was stupendous and awe inspiring. I watched the pay-per-view HD online, and hearing Chicago go wild and chanting Punk's name with headphones on made me feel I was transported there. And yes, I was chanting his name too. Punk soaked up every bit of it. Cena came out to the boo's and when the match began "CM Punk!" only got louder.

Throughout the match, it convinced me of couple of things. The first thing is Cena cannot wrestle. He only knows a handful of moves and it showed. The other thing was unpredictability. I could not point out what was going to happen next in the match at all. That is what a great match is supposed to do. It put me on the edge of my seat, and whenever Punk kicked out of the big moves, I got out of my seat and cheered.

Punk blows his kiss good bye
Punk blows his kiss good bye

This match lasted well over 30 minutes, which is very long for a main event. Cena and Punk were tired and did give all they had in the ring. What was the shocking part about all of this?

The ending.

I expected at some point for Vince to come to ring side and observe. I did not expect for him to actually attempt a screw job. That may sound stupid, but I thought that was it, and Punk was gonna get screwed after falling into the STF.

Cena thankfully clotheslined John Laurinaitis preventing it, and told Vince that it will not end that way. He entered the ring, and Punk hit his GTS. I thought for sure Cena would kick out, Vince would pull the ref out or something.

It never happened. CM Punk is the new WWE Champion.

What about Alberto Del Rio? I said that Punk would win but lose to Del Rio. Vince called for him to come down to the ring and cash it in. Punk being smart, kicked Del Rio right in the head when entering the ring. The bell never rang, he was out. There was only one thing left to do: run!

He ran through his home crowd, and they cheered. The pay-per-view ended with a shot of Vince's disgusted and shocked face.

I am happy to say that I was proven wrong tonight. CM Punk won the title, and the pay-per-view ended that way. I was hoping the entire match that I would be wrong, and I got my wish.

Punk is the new champ.

I am sure all around the wrestling community and the world, there is a huge celebration, because there is one going on in Chicago. Raw is a must watch. If not for the crazy situation but for the fact that four words will be uttered that will please millions.

"John Cena, you're fired!"