CvC 2.0: Which Is the Greatest Band in WWE History?

Kevin Germany@@KevinUber1Analyst IIIJune 28, 2011

Blue Division AKA the Know Your Role Division: Jeff Awesome vs. Robert Aitken

Which band is the greatest in WWE history?

In the WWE, a theme song must enhance a superstar and a pay-per-view.

Properly using a theme song can enhance the quality of something while misusing it can ruin it.

For example, would John Cena ever come out to Lady Gaga’s Poker Face blaring on the speakers?

My point exactly.

Stone Cold Steve Austin's theme song of I Won't Do What You Tell Me fit his character perfectly. Triple H's theme song The Game truly made his character that much better.

Those two songs were composed by WWE music composer Jim Johnston and British rock/metal band Motorhead, respectively.

But you already know that.

Getting back to the task at hand there was one band in particular that stood out in my mind. This band helped transform a superstar from an upper mid-carder to a surefire future hall of fame inductee. It is a heavy metal/hard rock group that is named after a bridge in Detroit.

Alter Bridge made the biggest impact in WWE history as a band.

Three songs stand out as important theme songs in the development of superstars and pay-per-views.

Metalingus and Find the Real were from their debut album One Day Remains. Rise Up came from their album Blackbird.

The first song from Alter Bridge is Metalingus, best known as Edge's theme song.

"YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME?" Edge's theme song blares as he approaches the ring.

Very few people truly know Edge.


Many things go through Edge's mind as he does his trademark pose on the entrance ramp.

His mind wanders to when he was at Wrestlemania VI with his best friend Christian to see Hulk Hogan take on the Ultimate Warrior for the WWE Championship.

He recalls when he had to work numerous jobs while going to Humber College in Toronto just to pay the bills.

He remembers his first big break when he won an essay contest at age 18. Sully's gym in Toronto offered the winner of that contest free wrestling training with Sweet Daddy Siki and Ron Hutchinson.

He remembers his hardships in the Ontario independent circuit such as sleeping in cars and eating canned tuna for days at a time.

He is thankful for the opportunity to be the Rated R Superstar.


Edge received another big break when signed by the WWE thanks to a recommendation from Bret Hart.

After being in the upper mid-card and tag team divisions for his first ten years, he officially became the Ultimate Opportunist in 2006 by cashing in his money in the bank contract on a wounded John Cena to become the new WWE Champion.

He has gone through injuries such as a torn ACL, ruptured labra, a broken neck (which ultimately caused him to retire due to spinal stenosis), a fractured skull, a torn pectoral muscle, smashed teeth, and several other gruesome injuries throughout his illustrious career.


Edge was truly a one of a kind wrestler. A one of a kind theme song must fit him.

Metalingus was the perfect theme song for him.

Edge was the most despised man and the most beloved in the WWE at different points in his career.

He has been defeated and brought down. He has dropped to his knees when hope ran out. He has changed his ways several times (turning face/heel frequently).

On this day, he sees clearly everything that has come to life; a bitter place and a broken dream that he left behind.

He never longs for what might have been. He lives with no regrets. He won't look back and he'll fight to remain where's he at.

Those are the lyrics of Metalingus. That might as well have been a description of Edge's life story.

Edge’s theme song is one of the greatest theme songs in WWE history. Interestingly enough, Alter Bridge band members and Edge are good friends in real life.

Metalingus beautifully enhanced Edge’s career. The memorable lyrics truly made him the Rated R Superstar we all know and love. It has done a fantastic job of accentuating Edge's life story.

Furthermore, Alter Bridge members have stated One Day Remains means that life should be lived as if only one day remains. That is certainly Edge's approach to life.

As a side note, Alter Bridge had a segment on Raw in 2005 with Edge.  

The second Alter Bridge song is Find the Real.

Find the Real was the official theme song for the 2005 Royal Rumble.

This Royal Rumble saw a historic changing of the guard with Batista winning.

Find the Real was the ideal theme song for the conundrum WWE was facing at the time.

WWE was lacking a true face of the company in 2005. Vince McMahon understood he needed a long-term face of the WWE to propel his company going forward.

There were plenty of great superstars in 2005 such as Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H. The successful Ruthless Aggression Era was coming to a close.

However, WWE was desperately searching for that top guy a company can build around. It was apparent no one could fill the void left by the departures of Rock and Steve Austin.

McMahon initially hitched his hopes on Brock Lesnar to be that guy. However, Lesnar could not handle the rigors of the WWE travel schedule, thus leaving the company in 2004.

Find the Real's lyrics were about a person trying to "Find the Real" after being in despair.

McMahon was desperately searching for a new face of the company he could build WWE around for a long time. He needed to "Find the Real" in order to accomplish that task.

Find the Real's lyrics signified that John Cena and Batista became the new faces of the WWE.

As mentioned previously, Batista threw John Cena over the top rope to win the Royal Rumble. He went on to defeat Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 21.

Batista was ultimately shipped to Smackdown where he became the face of the blue brand.

John Cena later became the number one contender for JBL's WWE Championship at Wrestlemania after defeating Kurt Angle at No Way Out.

Cena went on to capture the belt at Wrestlemania and became the face of the company in the process. He was drafted to Raw after his feud with JBL.

Alter Bridge's song for the 2005 Royal Rumble was a precursor to what Vince McMahon was searching for—a new face of the franchise so to speak.

Neither Cena nor Batista were in the main event prior to the 2005 Royal Rumble.

McMahon was looking for a guy who had the look, size, popularity, and charisma to become the face of the WWE in the long run.

He "Found the Real" in John Cena and Batista.   

Today John Cena is synonymous with the WWE and the PG era. He is the one of the most famous superstars in WWE history. He is certainly the most famous superstar in the current era.

His charity and guest show appearances made him the ideal man for the WWE to build its company around. His hustle, loyalty, and respect made him that long-term solution Vince McMahon was searching for.

The groundbreaking change of WWE was attributed in no small part to the 2005 Royal Rumble. The lyrics of Find the Real enhanced that aura of change very nicely.

Third up is Rise Today.

Rise Today was the official theme song for the 2007 Unforgiven pay-per-view. It was one of the most popular songs Alter Bridge has ever done.

It was a significant change from the other two Alter Bridge songs. The lyrics were much more positive and uplifting than Find the Real and Metalingus.

That is fitting because the World Heavyweight Championship reign of the Great Khali came to an end.

Batista connected with a spinebuster on the Great Khali to become World Heavyweight Champion. Rey Mysterio was also in the match.

More importantly, Rise Today signified a more positive outlook on the company traumatized by the slew of steroid allegations and deaths of performers in 2007.

This meant to the WWE fans that WWE was trying to move on from all of this tragedy they endured.

All in all, Alter Bridge has done more to enhance the quality of WWE theme songs than any other band.

Each of Alter Bridge’s theme songs coincided well with the person or event it was supposed to enhance.

The deep and meaningful lyrics of Metalingus brought out the charisma of Edge even further. Find the Real brought out WWE’s desperation to find a new face of the company back in 2005.

Rise Up brought out the joy in fans when the Great Khali finally relinquished the World Heavyweight Championship to Batista at Unforgiven. More importantly the positive lyrics of Rise Up symbolized a WWE recovery from black eyes such as steroid allegations and the death of some of their performers.  

I know Alter Bridge is a bit of an outside choice but I wanted to go with an unconventional pick. Alter Bridge is often overlooked when there is a discussion about the greatest band in WWE history.

My analysis might be very complex but it has one basic point. The lyrics symbolize what theme WWE is trying to portray to its fans.

Alter Bridge enhanced the quality of the superstar Edge and the pay-per-views Royal Rumble 2005 and Unforgiven 2007.

And that's why Alter Bridge is the greatest WWE band in history.

Here is my opponent Robert Aitken's piece on the same subject.

Thanks for reading!


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