CvC 2.0: The Worst WWE Champion in History is Randy Orton

Tyson JonesSenior Analyst IIIJune 24, 2011

The Worst WWE Champion in history. That covers a lot of time, but I'm going to go with a recent guy. How recent? He's a World Champion now. I'm talking about Randy Orton, the reigning World Heavyweight Champion on Smackdown.

Now, many people may wonder, why is Randy Orton the worst WWE Champion in history? Well, I have many instances to show why I selected WWE's Apex Predator, and so, without further ado, I'll explain why Randy Orton is the worst WWE Champion in history.

Now, first off, Randy is a multiple-time WWE Champion, and at one time, before he was such, he was good, but It's become apparent in recent years, he's been a Degenerative Superstar. Randy went from a well-rounded wrestler, to a clone of John Cena, with facial hair.

Randy has become similar to John Cena in recent months, even developing his own Moves of Doom Combo. (2 Clotheslines, Snap Powerslam, Rope-Hung DDT, RKO, with the occasional Inverted Backbreaker or Angle Slam thrown somewhere in all that.) Which is just as boring as when Cena does it.

It's messed up too, because Orton used to be a lot better than what he is now, in the ring. There was a time, when Orton's moves were dispersed throughout the match, but sadly, those days are long gone, and we're left now, with SuperCena II.

This makes for a poor championship reign. A predictable one, at that, and predictability is bad for business, meaning Orton is bad for business, and the Champion should not be bad for business, especially being the second face of the company.

I'll have something that fits better for Orton by the end of this...SuperCena II, Super Soldier...something.

So, getting off of Randy's degenerative ring performance, we next get to the man's abilities on the mic. Or lack thereof, as the case is with him. Randy, a few years ago, during his run as The Legend Killer, was never accused of being poor on the mic, really.

He cut some pretty good promos, but much like his ring skills, his abilities on the mic have grown dull and listless, lacking any real emotion.

At one point in time, this may have been acceptable, but it's 2011. These days, you have to be able to capture the attention of your audience, not put them to sleep. Every time Orton opens his mouth (which WWE does a good job of making sure that it's not often,) it's the same robotic, droning, thing.

In an era where you have talkers like The Miz, R-Truth, CM Punk, and even John Cena as championship material, and you can't even hold your own on the mic, as the second biggest star in the company, you simply cannot persist to show zero improvement in your mic skills.

It gets worse from here on, people. Next, and this may be Randy's biggest flaw, is his Attitude. How many times has Randy been a thorn, not only in the side of fans, but also his co-workers?

There was the point in time, when a young star was on the rise, by the name of Ken Kennedy, or Mr. Kennedy.

That is, until he was released for supposedly, dropping Orton on his bad shoulder. Now, granted, Ken may have had a few issues backstage, but really, there was nothing wrong with Randy after that match, and he is, after all, a pro wrestler.

He should expect to take a hard fall, every so often. It wasn't even a week, until Kennedy got his pink slip.

Another instance, may not have resulted in a release, but it did cause the fall, of another star. I'm referring to the infamous Kofi Kingston incident.

Kingston, who was in the middle of a main-event push, had his dreams dashed, because of a missed spot, though the story is Orton, who, after having to improvise the ending a bit, Randy lost it.

He proceeded to repeatedly call Kofi stupid, quite audibly, on National Television. Very professional on Randy's part, right? Because Orton never made a mistake in his career, or had a botched ending.

Thing is, his attitude has gotten him into trouble outside of WWE. The man spent 38 days in military prison and got a Bad Conduct Discharge.

Lastly, and this is, in my opinion, the worst thing about Orton, is his inability to put people over as champion. Wade Barrett, and his current place on Smackdown, is testament to that.

How much would it have helped Wade Barrett to cement his spot, if he'd beaten Orton for the WWE Title when he was at the height of his run on RAW?

I think it would have helped a lot. Now, much like Kofi, Wade toils in the mid-card. A far cry from headlining PPVs, if you ask me, but that's what happens when you feud with Orton. You never come out on top.

Just ask CM Punk, The New Nexus, and Ted DiBiase. This is not good. Stars high like Orton, have to take a fall sometimes and put people over for the good of the company.

This trend of Orton burying anyone and everyone that feuds with him, besides Cena, has got to stop, because once again, it makes Orton bad for business, and the No. 2 guy in the company should not be bad for business, and the sheer fact, that Orton, in the grander scheme, is bad for business, combined with all the things I've said here, make Orton the worst WWE Champion in history.

In all this, it's also occurred to me. We call his voice robotic, and he fights and is booked as Superman. We call John Cena, Superman, so by default, that must make Randy Orton, Cyborg Superman.

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