The New York Giants: Could this be a repeat in the making?

Andrew GallagherContributor IOctober 15, 2008

The NFC East, thought to be one of the hardest divisions to play in this year.  Who's owns the East so far?  Well it isn't the Cowboys of Dallas, nor is it the Eagles of Philadelphia, actually it is the New York Giants.  Yes that's right, The New York Giants sit atop the AFC East with a record of 4-1.  Eli Manning who has played superbly so far this year with 7 touchdown passes, 1,228 passing yards, and only two interceptions (although he had three of them Monday night against the Cleveland Browns).  Brandon Jacobs has also stepped it up averaging over 89 yards per game.  Though Jacobs doesn't do it alone.  He has help from fellow running backs Derrick Ward and Ahmad Bradshaw.  The three have been running wild and have been called "Earth, Wind and Fire" Jacobs being the Earth, Ward being the wind, and Bradshaw being fire.  The giants receiving game is playing well this year, their starting wide receiver PLaxico Burress is averaging over 79 yards per game while the other two starters, Amani Toomer and Steve Smith, both are averaging well over 48 yards per game.  Even back up wide out Dominack Hixon is averaging over 45 yards per game. 

I feel that I must talk about the Giants defense because it most certainly is their strength.  The Giants D-line consisting of DT's Fred Robbins and Barry Cofeild is very talented at stopping the run and DE's Justin Tuck who is filling in the footsteps of former Giants great Michael Strahan, and Mathias Kiwanuka who is playing in place of the injured Osi Umenyura.  Their Linebackers consist of middle linebacker Antonio peirce, Gerris Wilkinson, and Ryan Kehl.  Their secondary mainly consists of free safety Kenny Phillips amd strong saftey Sammy Knight.  The Giants corners also a key part of their secondary consists of Starters Aaron Ross and Cory Webster who both proved to be great assets in the Giants Super Bowl run last year.  The back up corners are veteran All Pro Sam Madison, Kevin Dockery, and Terrell Thomas. 

The New York Giants have an offense that can hold its own against almost any defense providing a running game that can beat any one.  If a defense is good against power  then they send out Derek Ward in place of Jacobs, if a defense is good against explosiveness then they send out the speedy Ahmad Bradshaw, if all else faill then they use all of their running backs.  The Giant defense can stop the run better than most teams in the league, they can beat you in the pass with their great coverage schemes, they are the best in the NFL in blitzing leading the league in sacks last year and this year.  If the Giants don't beat you against the run or the pass then the chances are they will just come the the Quarterback with an all out blitz hoping to get there before the ball is thrown.

To conclude the New York Giants are a team with more talent on both sides of the ball than  evey one else.  When they win it is usually by a large margin and so far when they loose it is by a large margin as well, how ever they loose because they are careless.  Anyway don't be surprised if you see the Giants make a good playoff run and get to and most likely win the Super Bowl.