WWE Finishing Moves: The Most Iconic Finishing Moves of All Time

Aron NaylorContributor IIApril 30, 2011

WWE Finishing Moves: The Most Iconic Finishing Moves of All Time

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    We have seen some pretty impressive feats of gymnastics, raw power and sheer brutality demonstrated in the squared circle, but some are a cut above the rest.

    On the following slides I am going to outline some of the more iconic finishing movements in WWE history.

    As always, I'd like to know your opinion, so please let me know what you consider to be the most impressive finishing moves we have ever witnessed. Enjoy.

The Chokeslam

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    Let's get started with one of the most commonly used finishing moves of all time, the Chokeslam. Let's be honest, it takes a lot of strength to lift a normal man three feet in the air, then slam him into the mat. But a near 500-pound giant? Come on? The Chokeslam had to make the list.

Superfly Splash/Five Star Frog Splash/Frog Splash

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    Many greats have used the diving splash and its variants as a finishing move to wow the crowd. However, one in particular has to get a special mention. Now I know what you thinking, but your wrong, it's not Snuka. In fact, the late great Eddie Guerrero is perhaps the greatest user of the diving splash.

The F5

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    Come on? The F5 not only looks impressive, but it most hurt like hell. Although Lesnar has drifted over to the dark side, we have to have him mentioned here for having one of the most iconic finishing moves of all time.

Go 2 Sleep

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    The G2S had to be mentioned, it just had to be. I don't think anything else needs to be commented on.

The Jackhammer

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    The Jackhammer is a suplex on steroids, and of course it is the finishing move of Goldberg. 

The Rock Bottom

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    No one can whip candy assess better than the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, and the Rock Bottom sure did bring it.

Figure Four Leg Lock

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    WOOOO! The great Ric Flair had one of the greatest (that's right, I said it) finishing moves of all time. No one could do it better than the Nature Boy.

Sweet Chin Music

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    Although The Heartbreak Kid retired this year, his finishing move remains one of the most iconic in sports entertainment. Although we have seen other superstars such as Stevie Richards and Bill Goldberg use the super kick as a finishing move, no one does it better than Shawn Michaels.

Stone Cold Stunner

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    What? The Stunner? Give me a hell yeah!


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    The RKO pretty much speaks for itself. It deserves a place in the list, hands down.

The Pedigree

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    It needed a mention. The Pedigree has been laying Superstars out cold for years and that's why we love it dearly. 

Million Dollar Dream/Cobra Clutch

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    Used by both "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase and Sgt. Slaughter, the Cobra Clutch is perhaps one of, if not the most iconic submission moves of all time. It may not be one of the most iconic finishing moves, but it still deserves a mention.


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    How could we have a finishing move list without the sharpshooter? And no one does it better than Bret Hart.

The Cripple Crossface

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    I bet your getting sick of submission moves now right? Nahhhhh!!

The High Cross

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    Although quite a new finishing move, it is already one of the most devastating and it needed a mention.  

The Tombstone Piledriver

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    I saved the Tombstone until last for one reason: In my opinion, it is the most iconic of all time.

Thanks for Reading

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    Let me know your opinions on the slideshow and what you consider to be the most iconic finishers of all time. 


    Thanks for reading!