Why I Like Cleveland Browns Fans

James WilliamsonSenior Writer IOctober 8, 2008

What is not to like about them?

They have never won or been in a Super Bowl, and they have to live in a state where football is the most important sport of all time; Canton, the home of the Professional Football Hall of Fame, is only a drive away.

I can't help but admire a group of fans that has their faces rubbed in football constantly with the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Hall of Fame, but still remain loyal to that team.

What have the Browns done in the last 40 years? Maybe some winning seasons, but the pain of never having held the Vince Lombardi Trophy must be horrible. Yet, two months ago, I was in Cleveland, and I saw a guy wearing a Ozzie Newsome jersey. Even more horrible is that the old Cleveland Browns left and become the Ravens in 1996. Around three years later, the Ravens won the Super Bowl.

It has to be embarrassing to be in the state that is practically the home of football and not have a championship in the last 44 years. They have had to deal with the Steeler Nation (which is really a group of thugs) that think that a man with no front teeth is the greatest thing that Pittsburgh ever had.

I am a fan of the Steel Curtain, but I am not a fan of Steeler Nation. The only section of fans that I think are worse are probably the rude Redskins and Eagles.

Yet, I have not met a Brown fan that throws their weight around. They have the only man who averaged over a 100 yards rushing in every game he played (Jim Brown). They have a team named after one of the top five coaches in the history of football (Paul Brown).

They had a team that went to 10-straight title games! But I still haven't met a Browns fan that has acted as arrogant as some of the Steelers or even Cowboy fans I have met. Maybe I haven't looked that hard or maybe they are just silent. I've met some pretty extreme fans, but not one from Cleveland yet.

They recently have gotten a good offensive team together with Pro Bowl quarterback Derek Anderson, receivers Donte Stallworth, Braylon Edwards, Syndric Steptoe, and Joe Jurevicius; along with tight end Kellen Winslow and running back Jamal Lewis.

They picked up defensive tackle Shaun Rogers from Detroit, but because of a bad secondary and offensive struggles, they have a 1-3 record. When it comes to history, a record like that means back to the old drawing board.

Yet Cleveland fans stand strong, despite disappointment. They deserve praise for being the loyal fans they are. So, to all Cleveland Brown fans, I salute you.