Week Five Picks: The Rise and Fall of Week Five

Matt HunterCorrespondent IOctober 2, 2008

Ok, so I completely bombed last week. I mean, I do not think it could have really gone any worse for me. Luckily, my Steelers were able to pull out that game on Monday night and give me a winning record for the week.

So, because of last week's debacle, I am in need for a good week in order to catch back up to the three other guys.

Standings    Last Week        Overall         Games Back
1. Jacob       10-3                21-8                 ---
2. Frank        10-3               21-8                 ---
3. Me           7-6                 18-11                 3

Kansas City (1-3) at Carolina (3-1)

Kansas City came out last week and exposed a horrible Denver defense that I think a college team could put 30 points against. The bad thing for Kansas City is that they are not playing a Denver-type defense this weekend in Carolina. I like Carolina in this one at home.

Panthers 28 - Chiefs 13

Chicago (2-2) at Detroit (0-3)

Well, I am guessing that Kitna is going to rave and rant, and say that his team can put up big numbers against Chicago. Too bad that is never going to happen, and Kitna and Detroit is going to fall yet again this weekend. Chicago wins this matchup easily.

Bears 30 - Lions 10

Atlanta (2-2) at Green Bay (2-2)

Atlanta has surprised several people so far this year with how well they have played.  However, they still have a long way to go before they can compete with a top-tier team like Green Bay. I think this may be a good week for Rodgers to rest that shoulder and let it heal. I think even without Rodgers in the lineup, Green Bay should win.

Packers 27 - Falcons 18

San Diego (2-2) at Miami (1-2)

The Chargers should be at least 3-1, or even 4-0, but they are not letting those first two losses stop them. They have rebounded greatly and seem to be the team that everybody knows them to be. Miami had better get ready a for freight train to come rolling into Dolphin Stadium, and they just need to get out of there without getting hit too hard by it.

Chargers 33 - Dolphins 13

Seattle (1-2) at New York Giants (3-0)

Both teams are coming off a bye week, and too bad for Seattle they are not rewarded an extra week for being so bad. The Giants have looked good so far this year, and do not worry about Plaxico Burress' absence this weekend. They should still beat up on a bad Seattle team.

Giants 27 - Seahawks 17

Washington (3-1) at Philadelphia (2-2)

Washington is coming off a huge week, in which they took down a division rival.  Philadelphia is coming off a tough loss to Chicago last week as well. I think Philadelphia will come away from this close, hard-hitting affair this weekend with a win and make this division the very close race that it should be the rest of the year.

Eagles 20 - Redskins 17

Tennessee (4-0) at Baltimore (2-1)

Baltimore got handed a tough loss by Pittsburgh, in which they had completely dominated them in the first half. Tennessee just seems to be a team on a mission so far, and they look very good in their games. I believe that they come out Sunday in high gear and put Ray Lewis and the Baltimore defense in their place.

Titans 17 - Ravens 13

Indianapolis (1-2) at Houston (0-3)

1-2? 1-2? No way should this team be 1-2, and in every way possible should Houston be 0-3. I do not see Indianapolis faltering in this game, and they need to get their act together, because the season does not get any easier. Houston, just start scouting for next year's draft already please.

Colts 31 - Texans 13

Tampa Bay (3-1) at Denver (3-1)

This should be a great game if you like high-scoring ones. Denver has a great team, and a powerful offense, but they got owned last week against a not so good Kansas City team.

I think this is going to hurt them badly throughout the season and into the playoffs.  However, I just do not see Tampa Bay getting the job done. Denver wins another high-scoring one.

Broncos 38 - Buccaneers 31

Buffalo (4-0) at Arizona (2-2)

What a surprise Buffalo has been this year. A great start to the season for them, and the schedule was not too bad for this kind of start either. Arizona is in some trouble this week. I do not think they have enough guns on offense to beat Buffalo, and one other reason is that Buffalo is the real deal.

Bills 27 - Cardinals 17

New England (2-1) at San Francisco (2-2)

Not too much to say here. New England is a good team; we all know that, and eight out of 10 times they will beat Miami. They simply just got out-coached that is all. I do not see them getting out-coached this week, especially coming off of a bye.

Patriots 21 - 49's 10

Cincinnati (0-4) at Dallas (3-1)

The Bengals are horrible, and now Chad 'OH NO-Cinco' just needs to shut up.  He is going to kiss the star if, let me say that again, IF he catches a TD pass. I hope the same thing happens to him when T.O. did the same thing, and he gets hit right in the mouth by some big Dallas LB.

Your team is 0-4 and looks like JV college team, you have no room to flaunt and showboat when you are 0-4. Dallas big in this game.

Cowboys 40 - Bengals 12 (all field goals. no star kissing for you, 85)

Pittsburgh (3-1) at Jacksonville (2-2) SUNDAY NIGHT

So, Pittsburgh is in a bit of a hurt right now, literally. This week, people will see what Mike Tomlin and the rest of the team is made of, as they play on Sunday night.

Jacksonville is playing mediocre football so far this year and their record shows that. I am going out on a limb here and taking Pittsburgh in this one. The defense is still all there, and I think Pittsburgh will dig down and pull this one out.

Steelers 23 - Jaguars 19

Minnesota (1-3) at New Orleans (2-2) MONDAY NIGHT

This is a tough game to pick, so I am simply going to base it on where it is played at.  These two teams match up almost identically on paper. Due to this fact, home-field advantage gives New Orleans the edge on paper. Since football is not played on paper, we will have to find out.

Saints 24 - Vikings 21

Well those are my picks for Week Five of the NFL, and I hope that I can bounce back from my horrible performance last week, and make up some ground on Frank and Jacob.


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