U.S. Soccer Aims to Grab “Madman” Marcelo Bielsa to Take over Men's Program

Carlos G GironContributor IIIMarch 12, 2011

Argentinean "Madman" Marcelo Bielsa would be a crazy great get for U.S. Soccer.
Argentinean "Madman" Marcelo Bielsa would be a crazy great get for U.S. Soccer.Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The U.S. Soccer Federation is attempting to lure Marcelo “El Loco” Bielsa to run the men’s national team program, but the savvy soccer strategist has many offers on the table, including one from Qatar.

According to several credible Chilean news media outlets, including El Mercurio, the USSF has made an offer to Bielsa to work as technical director for the men's national team. Bielsa would have control over all aspects of the U.S. men's national program, including youth development, though Bob Bradley would remain as the head coach of the senior national team.

U.S. Soccer would be fortunate to grab the highly experienced former head coach of the Argentinean and Chilean national teams. Bielsa is nothing short than a genius when it comes to helping teams construct effective attacking styles. “El Loco” is crazy about tactics, playing schemes, concepts and theories. There is no soccer strategy and tactic that Bielsa has not fully analyzed, contemplated, probed and experimented with. The man is a soccer savant, a futbol maniac with a border line pathological obsession with the game.

I have seen his maniacal intensity in person. Bielsa dictated a lecture for soccer coaches in Queens, New York several years back. I attended and witnessed how pedantic and detail-oriented Bielsa is when it comes to breaking down the game to each of its minute parts. The man knows his futbol, inside and out, up and down and diagonally.

Former Argentine national team captain Roberto Ayala and defender under Bielsa reportedly said: “Sometimes we wouldn't see any of the strikers, because he'd have them training at a different time, and it was the same with the midfielders. He's an innovator, and one of the people who I've learned most from during my career.”

Will the reported $3 million offer be enough to catch Bielsa? 

Qatar and Saudi Arabia have reportedly offered more lucrative offers. Qatar seems to be on a “Beat U.S. Soccer Rampage,” and thus, it would not be surprising if they beat us, again and grabbed the “Mad Scientist.” Added to the 2022 World Cup win, the score would then read: Qatar 2, USA nil.

Bielsa led Chile to the Round of 16 in the 2010 World Cup, won titles in Argentina with Vélez Sarsfield and Newell's Old Boys and bombed with the Argentine national team in 2002.

Other media reports speculate that Bielsa may instead decide to pursue coaching opportunities in the Mexican First Division with Pachuca or América.