WWE Parallel Paths: Big Evil and Diesel, the Tag Team That Could Have Been

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WWE Parallel Paths: Big Evil and Diesel, the Tag Team That Could Have Been
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During my commute this morning, my phone's music shuffle landed on a WWE theme that really got me thinking.

Many tag teams in WWE have come and gone.  Some have been extremely cohesive.  Kendrick and London, Brothers of Destruction, The Quebecers, E&C, Men on a Mission, Legion of Doom, Demolition, the list goes on.  Some have found massive success getting jumbled together with someone entirely random.  Booker T/Goldust, RVD/Kane, even JeriShow and ShowMiz had a certain something special.

However, one tag team that never had a chance together would have featured two men who were in WWE at the same time for a while, but at different stages of their career.  One was changing, while the other was in another company.  One was injured, the other was changing back.

Two characters that could've made a very cohesive unit.  Two characters that could've made some sense together.  Two characters that probably would've become friends after meeting at two straight PPVs worth of a feud, beating each other to a bloody pulp on numerous occasions, then looking at each other and saying, "Ya know what, let's just be friends."

Let's take a look into their pasts and see what kind of pairing could have resulted.

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