WWE: 6 Possible Storylines for Undertaker, Starting on 2/21/11

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WWE:  6 Possible Storylines for Undertaker, Starting on 2/21/11

Many of us, here at Bleacher Report, have tried to figure out the mystery of the 2/21/11 promos seen on Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown.  At first, we all freaked out that it could be "The Icon," the man they call Sting.

After this past Monday's updated promo, ending with the same Johnny Cash tune that promoted a confrontation between Undertaker and Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania, some of the Sting buzz has died a little.  Some hopefuls are staying hopeful, some fatalists are laying their dreams to rest, but of course, there are those optimists, like yours truly, who attempt to see the good in most things they encounter.

While I would proverbially "mark out" at the sight of Sting on Raw, probably fly off my couch, grab and wildly shake my fiancee, then grab and wildly shake my 40" flat screen, screaming "STING!  AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!  STING IS ON RAAAAAAAAAAW," holding my breath is only going to bring on suffocation.

Let's lay down some brass tack caltrops here:  the top two suspects as the surprise to be revealed behind the 2/21/11 promos are Sting and the Undertaker.

We know two things:  1) Undertaker is, at this point, practically guaranteed to be back by Wrestlemania.  He's reported to be doing everything possible to be part of the event, and these promos make it look very likely that he will make good on that effort.  2) While news has broken that Sting has been removed from TNA's roster page, solid and reputable reports to suggest any definite and public relationship between Steve Borden and WWE should be considered muddy and unreliable at best. 

So, I've decided to present Bleacher Report with a set of possibilities for The Undertaker to come back to.  If we can't count on Sting making our dreams come true, we should make do with what we have, right?

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